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Released: 2005
Director: Lisa Loves
Notes: Ruder Britannia
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Running time: 101 mins.

This stylishly-shot film takes place around a pool in a Mediterranean resort where lucky Ian Tait is staying with seven gorgeous girls: Carima, Jennifer, Poppy Morgan, Tammie Lee, Tammy, Tilly and the hot Belgian Janca. All the girls want to do is soak up the sun in their shiny PVC bikinis and have sex with each other.

In a beautifully framed opening, Ian is standing by the pool with the sea in the background drinking wine when he is joined by olive skinned Carima in a silver halter neck bikini. She drops in front of him and starts to gorge on his cock. Her licking heightens as Ian slowly dribbles wine over his member. The pair move to the table where Ian's tongue works its way up Carima's leg into her pussy. In a ballet like move Ian lifts Carima for a standing 69, her leg wrapped around his neck, he then holds her horizontally his head buried between her legs. The couple end on a sun lounger for condom clad cock riding that ends in a spunky shower for Carima.

Tilly and Jennifer are identically dressed in black PVC bikinis and fishnet stockings, enjoying the sun. Their interest soon switches to each other as they rub each other's pussies. Fingering and tonguing they moan with pleasure. Their excitement is heightened when two toys appear. The girls play and poke each other under the blazing sun until they have a quivering climax.

Next by the pool is Poppy in sliver and Tammie Lee in a fluorescent pink bikini. The girls explore each other's bodies with fingers and tongues, paying special attention to the pussy. Tammie produces two identical silver dildos which the duo use with relish, working them deep into their own and each other's love boxes. Now very wet the pair slurp and slap in a fierce minge munching session which ends in the pool for girl on girl snogging and to cool down.

In a bright pink PVC basque and knickers Janca has been left indoors where she is entertaining herself with a large purple vibrator. Ian mysteriously appears at the patio doors and Janca summons him over, replacing her plastic toy with his tongue. Ian reinserts the vibe, coating it in cunt juices which Janca takes great pleasure licking off. Janca swaps the toy for Ian's cock, licking and lapping the full length of the shaft. Rubbered up, Ian slides his dick into the moist pussy and the pair bonk away only stopping for Janca to lick Ian's balls and bum between positions. Finally Ian fires his load into Janca's open mouth and she allows the cream to drip out over her breasts.

Tammie Lee and Tammy are back in the garden, both in black PVC bikinis. Tammie Lee rubs oil over and into Tammy's bum and pussy as she has her nipples sucked. Sitting with her legs wide apart on the sun lounger Tammie Lee slowly slides a silver vibrator into Tammy's glistening pussy. With the whole toy inserted Tammie Lee eases a second vibe into Tammy's bum for a little DP action. The roles are then reversed with Tammy working oil over Tammie Lee with her tongue before slipping a shiny steel shaft into her pussy. The girls continue to tongue and toy away against a white tiled wall, they then move back for 69 action on the lounger. The scene ends with both girls lying with mouths full of pussy.

PVC is very much in the style of Kendo's latest films - wonderfully shot with carefully choreographed action and excellent girls. This is one of the few films I have immediately "rewound" and watched again with the same level of excitement. PVC is at the top of my list of this year's best films and will take some knocking off. Absolutely brilliant.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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