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Released: 2005
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Villa My Pussy
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 162 mins.

Normally when you go on holiday it's days spent by the pool and nights out on the town. Poppy Morgan, however, takes six girls and two guys who shag themselves silly for a film with five long outdoor scenes.

French girl Anais is lying on a lounger in her blue bikini top and sarong when Danny enters. She fills her mouth with his cock as they fondle and grope. Danny's dick is replaced by Pascal's prick when he joins the pair. He then moves to take over Danny's pussy licking duties. Pascal fills Anais's pussy with man meat as she tongues Danny. She then moves to ride Pascal reverse cow girl with squeaks from the lounger as the pair ride. Turning so Pascal can take her doggy in the pussy then the arse, Anais sucks like mad on Danny's softening cock. By the time the pop shot comes Danny has left the scene, leaving Pascal to satisfy Anais's thirst for cream.

Jessica calls at the front door of the villa to see if Evie is coming out. The pair get no further than the door step before they start to kiss and caress each other. Breasts are eased out of bikini tops and panties dropped so the girls can play with each other's pussies. Evie stands astride Jessica's head as she sits on the step, her tongue darting back and forth across Evie's clit with the regularity of a metronome. Lying down, the pair 69. For added excitement Jessica has brought along two gel dildos which get slipped into the moist pussies. The girls then share a double ended blue dildo, licking it clean when they finish. The session ends with Evie and Jessica using the gel toys on their arses until they climax.

Short-haired Roxanne is leaning against the patio wall, her white bikini contrasting with the azure blue sky. Pascal comes to stand beside her and her hand wanders down the front of his shorts, releasing his prick for her to devour. Lifting Roxanne, she is carried to the lounger where Pascal kneels to suck at her smoothly-shaved pussy, his fingers playing in her tunnel of love. Accompanied by the rattling of the lounger a long shagging session follows, Pascal's balls bouncing off Roxanne's bum as she is taken missionary, then banging her clit with the move to doggy. Licking the cock clean Roxanne pulls her cheeks apart and Pascal eases himself into her bum. Bonking away Pascal pulls out to spray Roxanne's body in spunk.

Belgian Janca has gone for a swim. As she climbs out of the pool, Poppy is at the top of the steps and she comes face to fanny with her pussy. Giving it a good licking the pair, accompanied by Pascal, move to the patio table for fun and games. In a 30-minute-plus session Janca and Poppy lick and play with each other, Pascal moving between the two to pump their pussies, the girls ensuring his cock gets a good hammering. The session ends with Poppy's pussy being covered in cum and Janca licking it clean.

Summer is fingering herself on the patio when Roxanne comes out of the villa to see what she is doing. The two slowly strip as they massage each other's breasts. Summer then buries her head between Roxanne's legs for a bit of muff diving. Roxanne returns the favour sucking hard on Summer's lips as she finger fucks her. A large black ribbed toy appears which Summer slowly wanks into Roxanne's cunt before shoving the other end in her own pussy. The duo bang away at the toy. Roxanne then has her arse licked in preparation for penetration and a vibrator is stuffed up her bum. Bending over, Summer wants the same; so Roxanne slips a silver toy in her arse. The girls end 69ing, fingering and licking pussy.

Shooting film in the harsh Mediterranean sun is not easy and a lot of the good work put in by the girls is spoiled by excessive shadows (including those of the cameraman) and poor lighting giving the production an amateurish appearance. Not what you would expect from Morgan Productions. Let's hope these are corrected if and when volume 2 is made.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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