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Released: 2005
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 139 mins.

Poppy's pupils are five girls who are making their first appearance on film. Each scene follows the same basic format - an interview then Poppy taking a practical session with the girl.

In a blue top and denim dress, Poppy introduces the first of the girls, Paris, a thin pale 18 year old from Yorkshire with big blue eyes. She shows Poppy her best asset, her bum, then sits on the sofa for a snog. Pulling down her panties, Paris squirms as Poppy fingers and licks at her clit. The pair strip, Poppy using a blue vibrator on Paris who's eyes open wide and body quivers as it's slid into her tight pussy. The girls 69, Poppy pulling lips apart and running her tongue back and forth as she munches on Paris's minge. Lying on the sheepskin in front of the fire, Poppy slips her fingers into the moist fanny making Paris moan. She then suggests they try some cock. The camera man is ready to help and the pair soon get his limp dick standing to attention. When it comes to cock sucking Paris needs no lessons, taking it deep down her throat. When the guy fires Poppy takes it in her mouth. Paris is reluctant to taste the white cream, rubbing it over her cheeks.

Poppy's next girl is Jaz. Sitting on the bed in a mint green dress, her naturally large boobs are already hanging out. Poppy allows Jaz to choose her weapon from an array of toys and she picks a large clear dildo which goes straight into her pussy. Seeing her lips are a little dry, Poppy leans forward to give Jaz a tonguing. After rejecting a strap-on as useless Poppy wants to use a large purple toy on Jaz, who, to her surprise, takes the whole thing in her pussy. Something bigger is required. Jaz has no problems with a large black dong, taking it doggy style accompanied by pussy farts as juices and lube drip onto the bed. Poppy gives the pussy a good sucking before being licked out herself. The pair end in a 69 with Poppy using toys as well as her tongue to get Jaz to climax.

Blonde Elise, in a pink and white negligee, wants to get into the porn business because she loves cock and Poppy has a new boy for her to try - Tony. He sits uncomfortably beside Elise on the sofa, her hand goes for his jeans and she gets a mouthful of cock. Dropping to his knees he licks at Elise's pussy, but she wants to be fucked and the two end humping doggy style on the floor. Moving back to the sofa the shagging continues, Tony firing over Elise's back. She wants more and when he is ready again she mounts Tony, riding him cowgirl. The couple go through the full repertoire of positions which ends abruptly when Tony cums a second time over Elise's neck.

Poppy, in bright red lingerie and black stockings, talks to Crystal, who is dressed in a red and white spotty bra and sparkling fuchsia mini skirt. Crystal lifts the skirt to show her bum, then strips. Poppy kisses Crystal then works her way down her body ending with her head buried in her smoothly shaven mound. Crystal twitches and shakes with pleasure as Poppy tongues her clit. She then goes down on Poppy showing she has picked up the technique. Crystal lies with her shoulders on the floor and her legs on the sofa allowing Poppy to fill her crack with lube before slipping in a steel vibrator, Poppy using a slightly larger version of the toy on herself. The girls swap, Crystal flooding Poppy's fanny with lube then pumping her hard with the steel toy. Turning to lick Crystal, juices and goo drip out of Poppy's pussy. The girls end on the sofa wanking themselves till they cum.

The final girl is Sasha in pink net trousers and matching bra. Like Poppy, she too is a Yorkshire girl. Poppy moves to suck at Sasha's pierced nipple, then moves down to her clit. After pounding Sasha's pussy with a dildo Poppy wonders how many fingers she can slip in. All four enter with ease into the moist love box and Poppy gets Sasha to lick off the juices. The duo move to the floor for some more toy action, Poppy pushing a ridged ramrod into Sasha's cunt as she uses the other end on herself. With lube and pussy juices flowing the girls work themselves to orgasm. How would Sasha deal with a cock? The trusty camera man is at hand. The girls lick and suck until he is ready to cum, Poppy catching the load in her mouth then dribbling it over Sasha's face.

Poppy has found five new and enthusiastic girls who hopefully we will see more of in the future. It's a pity the camera work didn't match the girls performances. Poor angles and missed action turned the girls debuts into a rather ordinary run of the mill film. Still, the film is worth watching to see Poppy performing with these newcomers.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (November 2005):

All girl-girl "auditions" with Poppy (although Darren gets a bj in a couple of scenes) except for Elise Tucker who, I assume, has brought her own partner to have sex with, which may be why he looks a little uncomfortable.

A small critcism, and not surprising for anyone mentored by John Mason, is the repetitive introductions. "Hi, I'm Poppy Morgan and I'm here ..." we know Poppy, you mentioned it in the previous scene and the one before that. Tip: shoot full and short versions so it still gives you the flexibility to put any scene first, but doesn't bore the pants off the punters.

Poppy and Darren seem to have saved up these try-outs for a themed release as the delightful Crystal is already shagging away elsewhere while other girls are on Poppy's model website. No sign of the impish Paris though, who would be delightful to watch in bg.

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