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Released: 2005
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: Brit Flix / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Party Animals 1
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 106 mins.

Dressed in a pink waitress outfit that wouldn't look out of place in Thunderbirds, Miyah has invited a number of her porno friends to 'La Chambre' in Sheffield for her fancy dress birthday party. Rob Stone and his camera crew have tagged along to see what happens.

Standing at the bar, Miyah spies bride Elle Brook and maid Taylor Morgan. She joins them to down copious amounts of Bacardi Breezer and they then grope each other's tits on the dance floor before heading off to explore the rest of the club. The three end up in a room with a four poster bed where they start to get to know each other better, Miyah and Taylor using their fingers and tongues on Elle while Pete le Meat and Jay Scarman peer in on the action. Elle and Taylor leave Miyah alone and go to see what the boys have to offer. The two soon have cocks banging hard at their tonsils. The guys sit on the sofa letting the girls ride their dicks. Elle and Taylor bounce up and down in unison, their pussies getting hammered. Taylor bends over the end of the sofa giving Pete full access to her pussy. Elle slides onto the floor for Jay to pile drive her into the basement. The action moves to the arse, both girls pulling their cheeks wide to be pummelled up the bum. After licking off the arse juice, it's more anal action till the boys are ready to cum. Pete covers Taylor's bum with jizz adn Elle sits with her mouth open to receive Jay's load.

Next Miyah meets Sailor girl Natalie Heck and Charlie in a bunny girl outfit. While Tony James and Demetri swig on bottles of lager the girls give them head. Charlie and Tony set off for the pool leaving Natalie to entertain the boys. With Tony sitting on the pool steps still gulping beer, Charlie eases her knickers to one side and slips down his cock revere cowgirl. Charlie tweaks her erect nipples as she slips out of the bunny suit and bends to be taken doggy, Tony ramming hard on her pussy making her boobs bounce. Having had her fill in the pussy Charlie wants her arse fucked and Tony is happy to help. Using the pool handrail to spread her legs, Tony bonks away at Charlie's bum, pulling out to coat her tongue in cum. Miyah turns up with a pint glass and gets Charlie to spit out the spunk.

Miyah moves to the shower room where she finds Lolly Badcock playing with herself dressed as Little Red Riding Toy. The two kiss and lick bodies as they tease each other's arse holes. Lolly sticks her tongue deep into Miyah's bum then uses her fingers to stretch her wide. The girls gag on a large double ended dildo before the wet toy is thrust into Lolly's bum with Miyah swallowing the other end. Saliva and juices drip off Lolly's lips as Miyah munches on her minge to make her cum. Filling Lolly with a syringe full of water, Miyah turns on the shower and the two pull their pussies apart and toy their arses as the water cascades over them. The girls end on the shower floor licking up pussy juice and dripping it into Miyah pint glass.

Starr, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, is caught by Miyah examining a man's cock with her tongue in the Gents. Miyah calmly puts on her make-up as Starr sits beside her swallowing lengths of man meat as far as the balls. Bending over the basin the guy sets about filling Starr's pussy from behind and her boobs sway wildly as the two bonk. The two fall to the floor and Starr rides the dick reverse cow girl, first in the pussy then the arse. After tasting herself Starr shoves the cock back up her bum and bounces away, only stopping when the guy is ready to come. He squirts his spunk into Starr's mouth and she spits it into Miyah's waiting glass.

Miyah sets off with her spunk-filled glass for a game with the girls. Susie Best, Charlie, Lolly, Roxanne and Jayne (Sabrina Lavelle) each take a straw, the one who can suck up the most wins!! A lot of sucking and Jayne wins. Her prize is that the rest of the girls empty their mouths over her, followed by a mouthful of Tony's cock. Roxanne goes down to lick the drips off Jayne's pussy but gives up when Pascal's cock arrives. Susie, Lolly, Charlie and Miyah start a four-girl orgy and tongues and fingers fly while Jayne and Roxanne ride the boys' cocks. Lolly drags her swollen lips over Susie's face while Miyah fills her pussy with a toy. The sucking and fucking frenzy continues, Jayne and Roxanne being taken up the arse and the other four fingering fannies. The scene ends with Roxanne and Jayne taking facials from the boys... This was Miyah's best ever birthday party.

With ten great girls and hot hard action from beginning to end Rob Stone has produced a winner. It's interesting to see this is Party Animals Night One... If Night Two is to come it will be a hard act to follow. One of the best films of 2005.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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