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Released: 2006
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: Brit Flix / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Party Animals 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 127 mins.

When Party Animals Night One came out I thought Rob Stone would have difficulties in producing a second film which matched the hot and horny action of the first. Night Two has proved me wrong. It's harder and dirtier and stars some very naughty girls. Amber Leigh takes us on a tour of what porn stars do on their nights off. Most appear to go to central London for a good shagging.

Amber arranges to meet Keira in a Soho sex shop where the girls hope to find something to wear for the night. Spotting what she wants, Keira is put off by the price so she suggests that she shag the manager and shop assistant for the outfit. He disappears to find the boss. When the pair return they are faced by the sight of Keira in her black dress and stockings on her hands and knees fingering her arse. They can't refuse. The boys shove four fingers into her bum. Keira wants to taste herself mixed with the flavours from their cocks. As the manager bangs away at her bum hole Keira sucks and wraps her long tongue around the assistant's shaft and balls, taking them both deep into her mouth. Agile Keira leans against the wall and pulls one leg high above her head while the pair probe her arse. One of the guys lies on the floor. Keira positions herself over his cock and slams it up her arse as she pulls at her pussy. The second guy joins to fill her empty hole and she groans as the two hammer away. Pushing herself onto her shoulders, her arse hole gapes. She gets the guys to pile drive her. A little more DP action and the pair are ready to cum. She pulls open her bum and the boys empty their loads into her arse. Keira lets it dribble out over her pussy then scoops it up to drip in her mouth. Having got what she wanted Keira show her appreciation by pissing all over the shop!!

Next it's off to the pub where Sahara and Maxine are waiting for Amber. Sahara is desperate for cock and heads for the gents. Inside she finds three guys and starts to give them blow jobs. Wanking two, her head bobs on the third dick. Saliva runs over her chin and ends up on her blue top. Open mouthed, she moves from prick to prick, gargling and gagging as she swallows. The three slip Sahara's tits out to tweak. Managing two guys in her mouth Sahara tries for three before telling the boys she wants them to cum in her arse. Bending over she stretches her bum and sets the boys to work bonking. Their balls twitch as they shoot their spunk into Sahara's back passage. Amber enters just as the third has releases his load. Spunk oozes out of Sahara's arse. Amber kneels to catch it in her mouth as it's squeezed and farted out.

Down in the basement Amber finds Donna swallowing Pascal's prick. She starts to lick her arse when the phone rings - the two are going to have to entertain themselves. Pascal plays with Donna's boobs. She then fancies a beer ... in her arse hole. Emptying a bottle up her bum Pascal produces a straw and drinks before pushing his dick in the lager filled hole. Her boobs swinging violently and her pussy lips flapping Donna shouts she wants more, her bum stretched wider and wider as it's plundered in various positions. She wants cum up her bum. Pascal inserts a funnel into her arse and wanks into it then empties the remainder on the lager into Donna's gaping hole.

Climbing to the roof terrace, Amber finds Tequila, Emma and Suzie but only one guy - Mark sloan. She introduces her self to the girls by licking their pussies and arses through their panties, then heads off leaving Mark to provide the main course. Tequila is the first to taste his man meat, taking it down her throat as Emma and Suzie watch and play with each other. Stripping out of her white evening dress, Emma prefers to use her tongue on Mark's shaft and balls. Suzie just wants to suck cock. The girls kiss and caress as they pull down their knickers. Tequila and Emma take a turn on the black chair where Mark fucks them. They then pick up Suzie, holding her legs open for Mark to shag her. Tequila goes down on her hands and knees, Suzie lying over her back to be filled missionary. When Amber returns the three girls are bent over being taken doggy. Lifting Suzie, the girls slowly lower her onto Mark, his cock up her arse. A little more fucking and sucking for all and Mark empties his balls into Amber's mouth. The girls play swap the cum giving each other spunky kisses.

In a darkened alley Amber comes across a dealer and drags him to a multi-story car park. He empties her handbag, Amber taking each item and pushing into her pussy - brush, cigarette lighter, bottle of perfume, bottle of beer! Sucking the guy, her cunt is now nice and wet so she blow jobs the bottle as well. The guy slips four fingers into her arse then rams his cock into her pussy. Amber trickles lager over her pussy lips as she's humped. Turning over, she is pounded doggy when her mobile rings. The call is cut short when wet cock is shoved into her mouth. As she mounts the guy reverse cowgirl, strings of goo drip from her pussy. Shifting to her arse, the bloke cums and Amber squeezes out the jizz. Luckily for her he held some back and pops again in her mouth.

The final scene is back at the bar where Amber is playing spin-the-bottle with Sahara and Maxine. She wins and slips the bottle into her pussy. Next round Amber wins again and this time she has to let three guys fill her holes. With a cock in her pussy and one in her arse she sucks on the third. Sahara and Maxine join in the sucking and fucking orgy as fingers and fannies fly. Sahara is DP'd by the boys while Maxine prefers the one at a time approach. The scene ends with the girls lying to be showered in spunk. They lick up the sticky mess and deposit it in Amber's mouth. Smiling, she swallows.

Hard and horny with brilliant performances put in by the girls. Amber and Sahara prove that when it comes to being naughty dirty girls they can match Keira and Donna. Though beer out the bum may not be everyone's taste, Party Animal Night Two is one of the hottest films released...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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