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Released: 2005
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 113 mins.

Paparazzi photography is big business and Hazza B Gunne has put the "Relish twist" on the tale of the expose photo. The film features five British (or British-based) girls, including new talent Nicole, and two new girls from the continent, Lucy from Poland and Susie Diamond, in five decent length scenes.

The Footballer. Dougie books a girl to come and help with his horizontal exercises. As Lucy turns up in her red PVC Mac and stockings, a cameraman snaps away. Inside, Lucy discards her coat and drops to the floor, checking Dougie's ball control as she licks the head of his cock. After he removes her knickers, Dougie's tongue enters the box, running up and down the smoothly shaved pussy, as the paparazzi click outside. His finger work gets the juices flowing and, with Lucy lying legs held high, Dougie slides in. As she bends over, Lucy's pussy is penetrated from behind. The couple roll and twist, ending cowgirl, Dougie sucking her boobs as she plays with her clit. The work out complete, Dougie lines up for a shot, straight into her open mouth.

The Rapper. Security manager Steve Hooper is given the task of protecting leading rapper Sensi in a club, but as he watches his monitors, dark-haired Susie Diamond slips through the cordon and plants her mouth around the stars cock. Pulling down her black knickers, Sensi slips up Susie's denim skirt and buries his face between her legs. With his tongue working ninety to the dozen she squeezes her boobs. Susie mounts Sensi, his shaft shining from her fanny fluid as she slides up and down. Steve leaves the control room to take a closer look. Grabbing Steve's dick, Susie fills her mouth then turns to suck Sensi as she is fucked up the arse. The guys can't hold on any longer and shower her face in cream.

The Porn Shot. In a pink dress, Rio is being fucked on a glass-top table by Ian Tait. Director Mark Slone stops the action, he thinks the scene would be better with two guys and volunteers his services. The guys rub Rio's pussy through her tight white knickers as she gives them both head. Kneeling, Ian licks at Rio's lips as a prelude to being shagged doggy. The couple move to a chair where Rio slips Ian's cock into her wet pussy. Mark suggests it may look better if it was his dick inside Rio and the boys swap places, sucking her boobs and fingering her bum as they bonk. The three move to the sofa where it's more comfortable for the shagging to continue. Ian stretches Rio's arse then eases his cock up her bum. Her moans and cries get louder the faster he humps and she ends up biting a cushion as she climaxes. Rio gives Mark the same treatment, her body writhing with his manhood implanted in her arse. Ian joins the pair, filling Rio's pussy for some DP action before the boys pull out to give her a facial, spunk spattering her cheeks.

The Photographer. Nicole has some intimate photos of "C" list celebrities that she wants to sell to Jay J, the editor of the Sunday Sleaze. He's not interested, but may be persuaded to change his mind depending on how she performs. Nicole sinks to the floor and starts to suck. Climbing onto his desk, Nicole opens her legs so Jay J can run his tongue over her tight black knickers. Then, pulling them to one side, he licks and laps at her pussy lips. Nicole's fanny gets very wet as she is finger fucked, Jay J holding his hand so she can taste her pussy. Putting her long legs on Jay J's shoulders, Nicole is entered, her pert breasts bouncing as she is jabbed with man meat. Back on the boss's chair she rides Jay J reverse until he is ready to come, then opening her mouth she takes his jizz.

The Glamour Models. Natalia, Renee and Tamara are indulging in some aquatic activity in a small pool with the paparazzi capturing their action. Diving down, Natalia gives the other girls an under water sucking. They then play with some waterproof toys. Dried off, the three move to a large leather sofa. Natalia is the first for the three way action, Renee rapidly rubbing her clit as Tamara licks and sucks on her juices. A large glass rod is produced and Natalia rams it hard in her pussy, making her body quiver and shake. Renee is next for the rod, it's thrust into her pussy as she munches away at Tamara's minge. Tamara is given a present - her own glass toy with a large knob on the end. Her pussy is licked to get it nice and wet and the toy plunged deep into her pink hole. Renee's hand becomes a blur as she finger fucks Natalia who lets out an ear splitting scream as she orgasms. The girls then use a shoe on Renee and she judders as the seven inch heel is pushed in her pussy. With legs open, the three pound away at their pussies till they climax. Then they notice the camera man - he and his equipment end in the pool.

Watching the film I thought the first 4 scenes were good but not outstanding, but Hazza B Gunne had been saving the best till last... The underwater shots of the three girls at the start of the scene were great, things then got better and better. Natalia, Renee and Tamara produced one of the hottest, hardest all girl scenes I have seen in a British film, or any film. The three certainly looked as if they were enjoying themselves... Brilliant. Buy the film for the last scene alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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