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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Rude Britannia / Pornostatic
Alternate Titles
  • Anjali Kara's Porn School Swingers
Notes and Reviews

Lots of fresh faces in this release, starting with the first scene where Anjali introduces a new young man (and I do mean young), Clyde Geldhard. When Anjali and Will (behind the camera) have stopped giggling at the name, Anjali undresses Clyde and takes his statisfyingly large tackle in her mouth. After a while a second new recruit is introduced and quickly undresses so that Anjali (still in white top, pants and boots with a pleated miniskirt) sits between two cocks on the couch. More extended cock sucking, during which time Anjali slips off her pants, then Clyde fucks her doggy and cowgirl while she keeps the other guy's cock in her mouth - which eventually leads to him delivering a truly massive facial.

Felicity is in punk mode wearing black fishnet tights, skirt, boots and a scarlet lace top with matching dyed hair. She agrees with Will that she likes Indian cock, so she's in luck as that's exactly what she's got. The naked muscular young man gives her pussy a firm licking on the couch, ripping her tights wide open (no panties). Felicity responds with a good cock sucking before the guy fucks her, fully clothed, in missionary on the couch. Good, but brief, fucking is followed by a disappointing facial.

Anjali is back with two more fresh guys (Matt & Gaz?) and there is some chat about dirty talk in Portuguese and Punjabi. Similar format to the first scene with Anjali sucking two naked cocks in turn, then removing her shorts and pants and taking Punjabi Gaz in several positions on the sofa until he cums over her bum. At this point Felicity joins the party. More cock sucking from both girls then Matt gets his turn to fuck Anjali. Double facial for Anjali as the later action and Felicity's mouth have firmed Gaz up.

"Lady Emerald" is an attractive English girl who is making her Pornostatic (and DVD) debut, though I have seen her in sets around the web. Will's camera lingers on her face and stunningly beautiful eyes during an extended interview before Lady Emerald introduces a new, anonymous, white stud with a huge cock. Lady Emerald removes her short black dress and pants but retains her scarlet bra and black thighboots and fucks the guy without a condom. Deep fucking in cowgirl and doggy as Miss Emerald's juices flood out, lubricating some serious penetration while Will keeps up the facial close-ups and the conversation. Huge tool but no cumshot here.

Leah Jaye gets to take on two guys, who are introduced as genuine amateurs and members of her website. Leah is an attractive Indian girl with a nice body which, although she and Will claim she is just 18, shows a little flabbiness gained from childbirth. Leah strips and is quickly down to business with the two guys. Will keeps up his usual chat as Leah sucks cock, gets her pussy extensively licked and is firmly fucked by both guys. Finally Leah gets a spit roasting with a facial, while the second guy seems to fill his condom inside Leah's pussy.

From Leah's dark charms to the overwhelming pinkness of Sydney and her double 'J' natural breasts. The girls are joined by Everard and they slowly strip while sucking his cock. Then Sydney gets fucked cowgirl, doggie and spoons while Anjali helps out where she can. Eventually Anjali can't resist a quick go in cowgirl before Everard's cum matches the size of Sydney's tits as he sprays over them to end the scene and the DVD.

Will and Anjali continue to produce good quality porn from their Midlands factory, with Porn School another worthy addition. But now, as experienced producers with expanding empires, there are some worrying signs of a lack of attention to detail. While this is a good film there are features that irritate (and which have been remarked upon in other reviews). The films are uneven in structure with a well-shot, well lit scene followed by one that isn't, especially here with the lovely Felicity. While on the subject of the gorgeous Miss Grace, she appears here for a perfunctory shagging looking like she's been out all night clubbing and nothing like the vision on the database. Though not as bad as other releases, a tighter focus on the action would be appreciated with some of the material added as behind-the-scenes extras. And finally, Will's reliance on amateur guys, who frequently want to stay anonymous, means an over-reliance on close-ups, certain positions which obscure the guy and very little foreplay and pussy-licking for the girls who only seem to be expected to love being speared by massive cocks - all the time. Or am I being too feminist?

Overall a fine film, with lots of new talent. Leah, a genuine dirty Indian lass, with unshaven pubes, the massively endowed English rose Sydney and the lovely Lady Emerald (made up name surely?) with her mesmerising eyes, tight body and unflinching ability to take a big dick. Recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
December 2005

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