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Released: 2006
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia / Poppy Morgan Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 129 mins.

A genre film from Poppy and Darren Morgan aimed squarely at blowjob fans. The format is pretty much the same in every scene - each girl faces the camera wearing a black vest and pants (the vest has the PM Knob Noshers logo on it). She then talks to the camera while she undresses, giving her own pussy and bum a feel, before getting a knob (generally Darren's) in her face to suck. More or less all close-up cock sucking through to climax.

First up is Frankie, a slim dark haired girl who both looks and sounds like tv's biker babe Susie Perry. Frankie talks to the camera while she undresses on a bed, getting occasional off-camera direction from Poppy. Then an unidentified cock is pushed in her face which she sucks to climax, taking it over her face.

Natalie follows on a studio couch, chatting to camera, removing her pants and rolling down her vest before giving the anonymous cock a good workout with her fingers and mouth. Eventually she gets a modest facial.

Back in the bedroom with Myla, she has quite a conversation with the cameraman as she undresses and fingers her pussy and arse. The photographer joins Myla to get his cock sucked and delivers a modest facial at the end.

Amber performs on a brown leather sofa, talking to camera before taking the photographer's cock in her mouth. Good deep throating before Amber takes the cum in her mouth and swallows.

Older woman Linda is back in the bedroom where she announces she loves sucking cock. She quickly undresses and spreads her legs and her pussy, then invites the cameraman to join her. We see a lot more of Linda's body in this scene with closeups of her fingers in her pussy before she takes spunk in her mouth.

After undressing and playing with herself on the bed, Suzie does a pretty efficient job with hands, bringing the photographer to climax in her mouth.

Renee introduces herself, sitting on a sofa before undressing and getting Pascal White's knob to nosh. Excellent deep throat before Pascal explodes in her mouth.

Finally Poppy is on the bed, stripping and talking dirty before she gets Pascal's member to suck. Fairly rough stuff from the pros, including noisy deep throat, before Pascal wanks into Poppy's mouth.

Good attractive and enthusiastic girls doing the business efficiently, taking cock and cum deep in their mouths. And nice to see some new faces getting splattered with cum. Blowjob fans will find this an enjoyable watch. Unfortunately I'm not one of them, either on screen or personally, so this film left me hoping that Poppy and Darren have shot some full action with newbies Frankie and Myla.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Poppy has invited seven girls round to her house for a nibble, but it's not food they are given to chew on, it's cock. Each of the eight short scenes (yes Poppy feasts her face as well) follows the same format - a chat, a strip and a suck.

Dark-haired Frankie is first on Poppy's bed. Stripping out of her black top she fondles her tits as she talks. Noises off set make her burst into giggles. Bending over, she teases the camera as she pulls at her pussy. Frankie is ready to suck cock. She takes a mouthful of the man meat and uses her hands to stiffen it up. The guy lies back and Frankie plies her tongue up and down the shaft. The guy fires his load into her mouth.

Natalie Heck pulls down her black top and rolls her big boobs around her chest. Slipping her shorts off, four fingers enter her pussy as she plays. Turning over she shows her bum, sticking a finger deep into her arse. All this work makes her hungry for cock. She slurps her way down the dick, gagging as it passes her tonsils, her eyes watering. Her tongue flicks at the head and it then goes back down her throat, her chin banging against the guy's balls. With the cock covered in spit, Natalie wants the guy's cream and he spatters his spunk on her face.

Myca lies face down on the bed. Pushing herself up, she tells of how she has come to suck cock. She slowly strips and her hand rubs at her smoothly shaved snatch. With some camera wobbles and shakes, we see Myca wrapping her lips around the guy's dick, her head bobbing back and forth on the shaft. The guy lies on the bed and, with her hair swaying, Myca takes his semi-hard cock deep in her mouth. It flops every time she pulls it out. She tugs away at the tadger until it eventually fires, or should I say dribbles.

A change of scenery for Amber. Sitting on the sofa she stubs out her cigarette and starts to strip. Squeezing her tits, she takes off her top and plays with her dark nipples. She slips out of her shorts and her fingers get covered in juice as she finger fucks herself. A cock appears and she grabs it and wanks it into her mouth as she plays with herself. Saliva dribbles onto her tits, followed by some wonderful out-of-focus shots of the top of her head. When the camera readjusts, Amber's lips are flying up and down the shaft, her blonde hair flopping over her face. After vigorous wanking, spunk seeps from the eye of the dick and runs over Amber's hand.

Mature Linda is next on the bed. It doesn't take her long to strip and shove her fingers into her fur-trimmed muff. Pulling at her clit she is ready for cock. Gingerly she takes it in into her mouth, then spits on the shaft as lube for her fingers. Her hand becomes a blur as it yanks on the shaft and Linda slaps the head on her face and tits. As she leans forward, her wrinkled boobs hang as she sucks away. She wants spunk in her mouth - she gets a trickle over her lips.

A change of bedspread, but it's the same bedroom for Suzie Best. She removes her top and tweaks her nipples to get them nice and erect before sliding her hand down her shorts and spanking her bum. Suzie grasps the cock in both hands and uses a twisting motion to stiffen it up. Smearing it in saliva, she sucks and wanks, working hard to keep it upright. After a lot of effort, the guy cums in her mouth.

Renee Richards shows what she is going to do when she shoves her hand into her mouth then massages the spit into her tits. Accompanied by the sound of a chair being dragged over a wooden floor, Renee pulls down her panties and fingers her pussy and arse. Unlike the other girls, Renee gets Pascal's cock to play with. She shoves it deep down her throat, coughing and gargling, and spit dribbles off her chin and onto her tits. With mascara streaked down her cheeks, she runs Pascal's cock over her face before opening her mouth wide again to be throat fucked. Renee sticks out her tongue as Pascal cums and his cream drips into her mouth.

It's Poppy's party so she gets the last cock. Easing her hands into her shorts she rubs vigorously and when she pulls them down her pussy lips are damp and swollen. Poppy runs her hands over her partly shaven mound, pulling on her pussy lips and fingering her arse. Pascal arrives and Poppy proves that whatever Renee can do she can do better, taking his full length down her throat and banging her face on his balls. Eyes streaming, Poppy fills her cheeks and ... the lights go out!!! Re-lit, Poppy hangs her head over the end of the bed to have her tonsils tickled. She then takes Pascal's nut sack in her mouth. Pascal wanks his load into her mouth and Poppy blows spunky bubbles.

The girls in the film may be enthusiastic but they are let down by lack of wood and poor production. There should be no need to include badly-shot or out-of-focus sections. These should have been left on the cutting room floor. For a film with Poppy, Suzie and Renee, this is a disappointment.

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