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Released: 2006
Director: Hazza B Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 112 mins.

There was a time when Relish was one of the top production companies. However, their last few films have shown a drop in production standards. The question is, with its cast of six great girls, has Porn Pads 2 managed to regain the Relish reputation?

Elizabeth Lawrence invites us into her white clinical-looking apartment which has nothing out of place. In a series of jumpy frame shots she shows us round the pad. In the lounge we find Stefan and the pair head towards the immaculate kitchen. Elizabeth hops onto her granite work top to flash her black knickers. Back in the lounge Elizabeth feels a little peckish and helps herself to a cock sandwich, her lips wrap around the shaft as she swallows. She drops her knickers to let Stefan finger her fanny as she feasts. In a lapse of continuity, when she stands the knickers are back on!!! Bending forward, Stefan parts Elizabeth's bum cheeks, licking and probing her arse before slipping his man meat in her pussy. The two turn, Elizabeth sliding herself down Stefan's shaft. Moving down the sofa, Elizabeth lies with her legs high in the air, her arse lubed ready for cock. Another continuity cock-up and her blue top disappears. The scene ends with Elizabeth being taken doggy on the sofa, her boobs brushing the cushions as she bonks. Stefan pops his load into Elizabeth's mouth and she lets it dribble over her tits.

Another equally-neat white flat is next, but this belongs to Mark Sloan. Playing pool on his table are Emma in a bright red top, denim skirt and sexy strapped boots and Suzie Best dressed in a checked shirt. The three head off to Mark's bedroom. Tops off, the girls lap at Mark's cock. Suzie drops her panties and sits on his face. Mark's tongue explores each crease in her pussy lips. The two continue to suck as Mark slides his fingers deep into their fannies. Emma moves to guide his dick into her cunt as Suzie has her pussy eaten. She leans back to let Emma taste her dripping juices. The girls swap places. Riding Mark's dick in not enough for Suzie - she forces a vibrator hard against her clit. Emma is handed the pink toy which she pops in her own pussy, then she bends to lick at the shagging duo. As Emma licks his cock, Mark forces four fingers into Suzie's fanny and, screaming, she climaxes, but she still wants more. On all fours, she opens her arse for Mark to fuck. He cums over the girls' faces.

Donna-Marie has just moved into her new warehouse loft overlooking the Thames. Richard the removal man carries in her last box of toys and dildos. To show her appreciation for all his hard work, Donna drags him into the bedroom and yanks down his pants to swallow his cock as she pulls at her damp panties. Standing on the bed, Donna peels off her togs. Pushing her tits together she sucks on her nipples before flicking her knickers at the camera. With Richard erect, she drops herself onto his dick and dances around, her pussy lips grabbing his shaft. Rolling over, Donna's boobs dangle and sway as she is banged from behind. She wants it deeper and harder. As she lies on her back with her knees in her tits, Richard hammers away. Donna opens her legs and pulls at her pussy. Pulling out, Richard sprays his spunk over her tits and Donna massages in the cream.

In a darkened garage, Mark, in a trilby which makes him look like an extra from Only Fools and Horses, shows his pride and joy. Is it the Ferrari or Natalie Heck in a bright yellow top and matching knickers? She stops polishing the car and starts on his knob with her tongue. Mouth wide open, Natalie covers his shaft with saliva as she slowly wanks him. Mark eases down Natalie's knickers and sits her on the bonnet, her blonde hair spread out against the red of the car as he enters her smoothly shaven snatch. Turning over, her tits press against the windshield as Mark's cock gets covered in cunt juices. Opening the door, Mark lies across the seats and Natalie mounts his cock and starts to ride, steadying herself on the top of the door. Spinning round, she holds onto the roof as she bounces up and down. The two move to the front of the car where Mark covers Natalie's face and neck in jizz.

Back at Donna's place. She has invited Elle Brook for a house shagging party. Donna sucks on Danny's cock while Steve Hooper laps at Elle's tits. Donna wants her tonsils fucked and takes Danny's full length, making her eyes water. Elle shows she is no slouch when it comes to sucking and wraps her lips round Steve's dick. The two continue, Donna riding Danny reverse cowgirl as Elle is taken spoons by Steve. Her bum covered in glitter, Donna bends over to be fucked doggy. Not wanting to miss out, Elle rides Steve, pussy first then in the arse. Donna insists that her guest tries two dicks so with Steve in her fanny, Danny squeezes his cock into her tight bum and the boys work away at both holes. Seeing the fun Elle is having, Donna wants her bum fucked too. The girls kiss each other as the boys shower them in spunk.

Whilst the girls all put in good performances, the same cannot be said about the production. The scenes were poorly lit, the first two over exposed, the rest dark and dingy. Angles were poor in places - we want to see Natalie and Mark, not the car door - and some of the close up work was out of focus. Finally there's the soundtrack. Parts appear to have been recorded in a swimming pool judging by the echoes. OK I may be a little harsh - the film is watchable if just for the girls, but it does nothing to restore Relish as a producer of top quality films.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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