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Released: 2006
Notes: Xesbus.com
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Review copy courtesy Your Choice

First in a series of DVD releases for scenes to be found on the Xesbus website.

Bek, in just black hold-up stockings, has her hands secured above her head and her feet fastened wide apart on the bars of a cage before getting her nipples tweaked with fingers and wooden pegs. Some light whipping before the pegs get applied to her pussy lips and she gets the whip handle in her pussy.

Slim Charlotte is bound with her arms outstretched, naked apart form a leather corset and nipple clamps. Mainly light horsewhipping from the Master and MK.

20 year old Fiona is naked but already bound by soft ropes which squeeze her tits as she sits astride a wooden bench. The early attention is to her tits with florettes of wooden pegs attached to soft breasts. Switching to her pussy, Mr Black produces another amazing toy from his box which provides electric shocks to Fiona's pussy and pierced nipples sending her into a cascade of orgasms. Standing, Fiona is roped to the walls and the floor for more whipping and shock treatment.

Rose Wood is naked and bound round the breasts with rope that is then tied to hooks in the ceiling. Mr Black runs his hands all over her body before giving her pussy the treatment with a g-spot vibrator. Moving to an armchair, Rose's arms are sill above her head while her legs are bent and bound so that she can be fist-fucked to climax.

MK rips Sasha's red pvc dress open and squeezes her tits before preparing her with wrist and ankle straps, nipple and labia clips. Sasha is then strapped naked to a padded bench and he lightly flogs her. Anal beads, a paddle on the bum, vibrators and a dildo, Sasha gets the full treatment.

BDSM is not something I would normally seek out so I approached this DVD with some caution. This film is at the gentle end of the scale with discomfort rather than pain being applied and virtually no marks are left on the girls' flesh. Perhaps most surprising to the outsider is the obvious pleasure the girls get out of this work, with more genuine orgasms in this film than the rest of the pile I've reviewed this month. A fact that can clearly be attested by those who watched a live performance of MK with Sasha, at last year's BGAFD event.

Good stuff.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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