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Released: 2006
Notes: Xesbus.com
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Bek stands spreadeagled, secured by ropes to the side walls, wearing black pants and draped in red chiffon. MK removes the chiffon then caresses her with the fabric before whipping her. A ball gag, mask and heavy duty nipple clamps are applied and her knickers are removed before Bek bucks under the onslaught of a g-spot vibrator and the attentions of MK and Mr Black.

Smiling Charlotte's arms are secured to a bar above her head and clamps applied to her labia as she stands naked save for black hold-ups. Mk whips here with a pair of cats, stopping from time to time to slip a gloved finger into her pussy checking for wetness. The theatrical whipping continues for the rest of the scene with Charlotte apparently loving every minute.

Black Cookie is naked and bound to a simple metal chair with ropes. Legs apart and arms behind her back, Cookie's tits get the early attention with pegs and clamps, while a tiny vibrator is left nestling between her legs. Standing, Cookie is securely bound with ropes again and is whipped while getting a range of nipple and labial clips. Finally, one leg is bound (calf to thigh) and, perched on one leg, her pussy is tormented with the g-spot vibrator.

Ball gagged and naked apart from her biker-boots, Sasha stands spreadeagled while MK applies a variety of clamps and pegs to her body. Slapping with a paddle is followed by stroking and caressing which pushes Sasha over the edge.

Rose starts by undressing, then we watch as her breasts are bound with soft rope, her outstretched arms are secured to the walls and her legs held apart by a bar. Only then is she whipped and her pussy gently stroked. More ropes tie her thighs to the walls and heavy-duty weighted labial clamps are applied. Finally a ball gag completes the restraints as Rose's pussy gets the g-spot vibrator treatment from Mr Black.

While apparently harder and more misogynistic, each woman in this sado-masochistic film is experiencing genuine pleasure. No professional model would submit to this kind of treatment unless they got a kick out of it, which they clearly do. Watching the lovely Rose sagging breathlessly on her ropes after her final orgasm, I'm bound to wonder if these women get a fee at all, or is it payment in kind?

Xesbus regulars Bek, Rose and Sasha are joined by Cookie who seems more apprehensive but succumbs, in the end, like everyone else. Great girls, good film, although the heavily marked buttocks shown on the cover are not found inside.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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