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Released: 2004
Director: Francois Clousot
Notes: Sin City
Alternate Titles
  • Love is a Bitch
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

Hannah Harper takes the lead alongside Aurora Snow and Brittney Skye in this Sin City plot-based production about revenge. Steven St. Croix plays Daniel, a ruthless lawyer who is cheating on his wife, intimidating Evan Stone his junior and screwing his secretary before firing her. He is hated and despised by all, especially the girls he has fucked then dumped.

Knowing Evan is working late he calls round to see Evan's wife Hannah, who opens the door in her black top and shorts. He tells her Evan is in danger of being pushed out unless she can help him. Hannah understands what's needed and lies across his body to suck at his dick. As she swallows his shaft the tip of her nose rubs against his balls. Gagging and with eyes watering, she wanks the saliva-covered cock. Positioning herself above 'Daniel', Hannah slowly sinks down, the prick entering her pussy. She spins round to be taken up the arse reverse cowgirl then laps at her juices. Pushing her back on the bed, Steven hammers away at her arse then showers her body with spunk. Having got what he wanted he leaves.

The five girls he has fucked and left decide it's payback time. Inviting 'Daniel' for a drink, they hit him over the head with a bar, killing him. In hell a rather camp devil is not expecting him. He'll have to go back, though not in his own body but as Brittney Skye.

'Daniel' (Brittney) now wants revenge. She tells Evan that his wife has been unfaithful and he rushes home to confront her. She cannot deny it but pleads for forgiveness. The two kiss and caress as they strip, Evan nuzzles his head between her boobs as he fingers her arse. Hannah slides down his body and wraps her lips around his cock. Evan strokes her long blonde hair as she takes his length past her tonsils. She lies back, legs akimbo, and Evan laps at her pussy then pushes in four fingers. The two shag spoons, then sit up so Hannah can ride his dick and play with her tits. He comes over her body and rubs it in. He understands, but must leave her.

Meanwhile Brittney has been shagging and shooting all those involved with the death of Daniel, reaching Hannah last just as Evan is leaving. She fires her gun into Hannah's body. Rather than phone the police, Evan decides the best thing to do is fuck her brains out.

Though the story line is far-fetched, the acting and sex scenes are very well performed. Randy Spears as a slightly camp devil is brilliant. Unfortunately the whole film is let down by the director trying to be too clever with his effects. All the scenes are shot in very soft focus with intense back lighting, making it look as if everything was filmed in a blurry blue haze, which is a pity as Payback would have been quite a good film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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