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Released: 2006
Director: Jenna Jameson
Notes: Club Jenna
Alternate Titles
  • Jenna's Provocateur
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

In a clever marketing ploy, Club Jenna have released Jenna's Provocateur in a number of special edition issues, each having a bonus scene and booklet featuring one of the stars of the film. Stylishly shot, the action takes place in a cross between a luxury mansion and museum where the girls perform against a backdrop of acres of marble and long flowing curtains. Apart from McKenzie Lee the film features five other Jenna contract girls including Krystal Steal, Melissa Lauren and, making her debut for Club Jenna, Chantel St. James.

McKenzie starts the film off. At the end of a room which appears to go on forever, two huge doors are flung open. McKenzie stands silhouetted against a bright white light, her black evening dress billowing in the breeze. Walking across the hall, McKenzie runs her long leather gloves over the shiny black bodice of her dress and the skirt parts to flash her smoothly-shaven snatch. She lies on a huge dining table and three evening-suited guys appear and paw at her pussy. Stripped, McKenzie gags on dick as she is filled from behind. The boys swap. Strings of spit fall from her mouth as she is banged. She rolls back and the first of the guys fires over her tits. The scene progresses. McKenzie stands on one leg, the other held outstretched, the guy behind her hammers away then slips his cock into her bum. They move on hands and knees on the marble floor and she is DP'd. McKenzie crouches between the two, they cover her face, she licks it off and swallows.

Having started the film, McKenzie also appears in the final scene. Dressed in her slinky black lingerie, she finds Chantel St. James on a long open gallery. The sheer white curtains waft over the pair as they kiss. The girls bite each other's boobs. McKenzie yanks down Chantel's panties and forces her face into her arse. Flicking her tongue over Chantel's holes she jabs in a finger and tastes the juices. The two change places. Leaning on the balustrade, McKenzie has her bum spanked as Chantel licks at her clit. Her swollen labia are taken between her lips, making her body shudder. A huge ribbed strap-on in place on Chantel, McKenzie slips it into her arse and rides. A dildo is pressed into her pussy. Donning her own black toy, McKenzie shags Chantel doggy.

The film is a high quality production with atmospheric sets, clever visual effects, a sound track that matched the mood and corresponded to the action and six gorgeous steamy hot girls. For Jenna Jameson's directing debut she has come up with a cracking film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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