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Released: 2005
Director: Jim Malibu
Notes: Avalon
Alternate Titles
  • Jim Malibu's Pure Pussy 6 Blonde Ambition
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

Jim Malibu has paired up eight blondes, though not all of them are natural blondes, in four long, girl-on-girl scenes for Pure Pussy 6. The style of the film is a mix between the behind the scenes, the director talking to the girls as he follows them round, and voyeuristic gonzo where they have to ignore the camera.

Holly Wellin appears with the busty Daphne Rosen in the first scene. The girls are trying on lingerie in the bedroom as Jim chats to them. It must be said Holly is wearing the most unsexy brown and red flowered bra and panties I have seen. Fortunately these are soon removed. The girls lie on an awful aubergine and olive coloured bedspread for the scene. After a brief snog, Daphne uses a pump on Holly's nipples. By the time she has finished they are big and erect. She takes them in her mouth before slowly moving south until her tongue is lapping at Holly's moist minge. Rolling Daphne over, Holly slips a couple of fingers into her fanny. They come out soaking as she sucks on her clit. Under a pillow the girls find a double-ended dildo and they take it deep into their mouths. Daphne puts the tool between Holly's tits and rubs her pussy back and forth over it. The wet toy is slipped into Holly's cunt. Daphne slides along the other end and the pair grind their pussies together. Panting and moaning, Daphne squirts and Holly gets covered.

While the girls and action in the film are fine, the same thing cannot be said about the presentation. For some reason Jim Malibu has shot this in very soft focus making the picture quality poor and at times fuzzy and I'm not sure what happened to the sound which is muffled and difficult to make out. Finally there is the style, which is neither one thing nor another. As for taste in decor ... zebra skins galore in one of the scenes. Not really worth the effort of watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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