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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 126 mins.

Killergram are noted for producing series of films such as On A Dogging Mission and Baby Loves the Shaft etc. At the moment Porno Swingers is a one off, with scenes which are not quite so rough and tumble as Killergram's other boy/girl films but still contain hard hot sex.

In a slash-sided black dress, Charly waits, hands running over her body. She eases her boobs out of the dress, tweaking her nipples. Her fingers slip into her black see-through knickers to explore. A suited guy appears and the two kiss. Charly pulls his dick out of his trousers and starts to suck, the guy thrusts his length down her throat. Lying back, the guy starts licking boobs then works his way down to her pussy. Charly moans as his fingers stretch her wide. Taking him in her mouth again, she gets the cock nice and wet ready for her pussy. She drips as the guy hammers home. Her pussy lips rosy red, Charly turns to be fucked from behind. Screwing round on the sofa she ends up riding the guy reverse. The scene ends with Charly shagging missionary, the guy pulling out to coat her face.

Anjali is interviewed about her sexual exploits in a red leather top and tartan skirt, but she is more interested in the big black cock she is about to suck than talking. Holding it tightly, she dribbles over the head, and her tongue runs along the shaft before she swallows. Ariana joins, keen to wrap her lips around the man meat. The girls gurgle as they fill their throats with dick. Anjali drops her pink panties. Ariana bends to probe her pussy and arse with her tongue, then removes her own knickers and starts to finger. The girls kiss and go back to the cock for another suck. The pair alternate between pussy and prick, lapping and licking. Anjali ends with the cock in her cunt cowgirl. More blow jobs from the duo and the scene ends, but without the customary cum shot.

Sucking at her fingers and licking her lips, Chantelle has brought her husband along to watch her being fucked by the Shaft. With a bag on his head and peering out through two eye holes, her husband watches as Chantelle lifts her pink dress and fingers her shaven pussy. Alonso Shaft arrives and, opening her mouth, Chantelle takes the head of the mighty 12 inches between her lips and works her way towards his balls. She wanks the spit-covered rod and, peeling down her black top, she squeezes her tits together as she sucks. Chantelle's eyes light up as the cock is eased into her pussy. Grabbing her hips, Shaft rocks her onto his porker. The two shift. Chantelle holds herself above Shaft's member and slowly sinks down. The movement makes her tits jolt and joggle. Hurling abuse at her husband about the size of his tadger, Chantelle lies back to be fucked missionary. She struggles with the size so turns over to be shagged doggy, showing her husband her gaping wide pussy. Shaft jerks his jizz over Chantelle's tits.

Storm dances round the kitchen in her sexy blue lingerie. Her hands run over her body and her stocking-covered legs. She smiles as a guy appears and, grabbing his cheb, Storm's tongue flicks over the tip. Clasping the cock, Storm starts to wank the guy into her mouth. The couple spin round and end up 69ing. Pulling her panties to one side, the guy enters Storm's shaven snatch from behind. The closeness of the camera lights turns his balls and her pussy a pale blue. Her knickers pulled into her bum cheeks, Storm mounts the guy. He buries his face in her tits as they shag. Missionary turns into spoons which merges into doggy and reverse cowgirl. The two twist and turn. Storm jerks at the guy's cock, her hand a blur as he fires over her chin. She scrapes the cream into her mouth.

In the final scene Anjali and Iowana sit at opposite ends of the sofa, both girls with their hands down their black knickers. The two mirror each other as they pull at their nipples and tug their clits. A guy at the other side of the room wanks as he watches. The girls beckon him over and move together to tongue his cock. The guy nestles between the pair as they swallow his dick and balls. The girls remove their panties. Anjali rubs her fanny over the guy's face while he uses his fingers on Iowana. Holding open her pussy, Anjali gets Iowana to taste it before it's filled with cock. She then pulls back her long dark hair as she tongues at the two. Perched on the edge of the sofa, Anjali is shagged spoons. Finally both girls crouch, their tongues touching, as the guy jerks over their faces.

The girls and locations may be the same as in other Killergram productions, but the style of Porno Swingers is different. The vast majority of the film is shot at close quarters with full screen facials and full screen fannies and with hardly any medium or long views of the performers. Having said that, it's very well done. The only minor exception is Storm's scene where the proximity of the lights turns the skin a strange blue cast. There is also no doubt that when Anjali appears she is the boss and the other performers take second place. Having said that she has the on-screen presence to carry a scene. If you are an Anjali or a Killergram fan then Porno Swingers is worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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