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Released: 2006
Director: Kendo
Notes: Private
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Running time: 91 mins.

Following on from Kendo's super sexy Stiletto, his latest film for Private, Pantyhose Seduction, is a darker, more sinister production which edges towards macabre horror. The common theme running through each scene is the girls in their tights (or Pantyhose for the US market) - and five great girls they are as well.

In a cross between a dentist's surgery and a torture chamber, Frankie sits in the chair, her white apron spattered in what looks like blood. A demented looking Tammy, her eyes black with make-up, crouches between Frankie's legs with a dildo attached to her dentist's drill. She drives it into her pussy. Tammy runs her face over the pussy and juices and make-up smear over her cheeks. Removing her blood-speckled lab coat, Tammy holds a dildo in her teeth and digs it into Frankie's fanny. She escapes the chair. Tammy's tights are ripped as she is pushed back. Her dyed red nipples peek out of her corset as Frankie finger fucks her. She tongues at Tammy's pussy and a shiny black dildo is slid in. Frankie eases an inflatable butt plug into Tammy's arse and starts to pump. It pops out and is forced into her mouth. Frankie DP's the moaning Tammy with toys till she orgasms.

In a shiny black PVC basque and fishnet tights, Natalie wanders across a bright white painted room, glass dildo in hand. She settles onto a zebra-patterned sofa. Pascal and Tony stand at either end, their faces obscured by stockings. Natalie rips at her crotch and slips her fingers into her moist shaven mound. The glass toy is thrust into her wet hole. Rolling over, Natalie jabs a digit into her arse and the boys join in, stretching her bum hole. Their cocks out, Natalie sucks and swallows. The guys ease her boobs out of the black basque and slap them with their dicks. Natalie's arse and pussy are gaping. Tony uses his thumbs and glass toy on her bum. The two then poke it with their pricks. Her arse filled, the boys fill her pussy as well in a hard double dicking. Natalie crouches to be sprayed with spunk.

Sheridan stands suspended by chains, her pert breasts hidden in her white bra and her tights pulled tight into her snatch. A guy in a gas mask wanks. Then he wanders forward, groping her thigh and pushing his prick towards Sheridan's face. Her red lips wrap around the shaft and she swallows. Removing her bra, he twists her nipples with his latex-gloved hands. She cannot resist. Releasing her leg brace, Sheriden teases his cock with her black high heels. He splits open her tights and fingers her arse. Still standing, he prises open her pussy and slips in his dick. Loosened from the straps, Sheriden falls to the floor to be fucked doggy style. The two turn and his man meat enters her arse as she rides. With the pale blue light shimmering over her body, Sheriden spins round, ending in reverse cowgirl. Her ordeal ends when, following a few strokes missionary, he cums over her body.

In her corsetted top and lilac tights, Sahara sits at the piano, but her fingers run over her fanny rather than the keys. With her tits coming out of her top, she sucks at a glass dildo. Ian Tait watches as she eases it into her bum. His dick out, he approaches Sahara and she shoves it into her open mouth and past her tonsils. Saliva dribbles over Ian's balls and her platted hair sways. Ripping apart her tights, Ian inserts a finger into Sahara's arse. She jerks at his cock as her pussy is pawed. Crouching forward with her bum up high, she is taken from behind. Moaning, she rolls over to sit on his prick. Her tits brush his face as she grinds away. With her legs folded under her, Sahara wedges the cock in her arse. Lube drips from her hole as she fucks. Then she throws herself forward to rub her clit on Ian's balls. Tugging away at his dick, Ian squirts his spunk over Sahara's face.

Strait-jacketed and masked, Pascal squats in the corner of a squalid cell. Frankie, clad from head to toe in nylon, enters, rubbing her encased boobs against his body. Freed, Pascal places a translucent 'bag' over Frankie's head. Only her bright red lips can be seen as he starts to fuck her throat. The crotch of Frankie's pantyhose is torn open and her pussy glistens as it is tongued. Pascal moves on to her arse, licking and probing. Propped against the cell wall, Frankie is fucked from behind and she raises a leg high against the wall. Pascal parts her bum cheeks and thrusts deep into her pussy. They drop onto the bed and Pascal works his prick into Frankie's arse then fires his load over her nylon-clad body.

Hard and atmospheric, with some of the darker scenes being a little over-the-top for my taste. The blood-spattered first and slightly claustrophobic last scenes could have come straight from a horror movie and are enough to give you nightmares. Nicely produced and brilliantly filmed, but not for me, which is a pity as it has a fine cast. If you are into this type of genre then Pantyhose Seduction is what you've been waiting for ... but don't watch it alone in the dark!!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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