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Released: 2006
Director: Justin Ribero Dos Santos
Notes: JoyBear Pictures
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Running time: 97 mins.

Up to now Joy Bear have produced the mediocre Street Heat series and released a couple grainy early 70's US classics. With Private Thoughts all that has changed. This soft-focus, highly erotic, film follows three very different women through their love lives and fantasies. New (?) girl Kaktus is an aspiring actress, housewife Starr wheels and deals in antiques and Frankie is a hard working super sexy business woman.

In her white coat, Kaktus hails a taxi and heads to the King's Road. Her phone rings - it's the boyfriend who wants to talk dirty. Unzipping her pants, Kaktus slips her hands into her knickers as her mind wanders back to a sex session in the kitchen ... In a bright red jumper and black pencil skirt she stands at the sink. Her boyfriend approaches, eases down her red panties and fingers and carresses her cunt. She jumps onto the bench, blouse undone and legs parted, as his tongue flicks at her pussy. His cock follows into the wet hole and, popping out her pert breasts, the guy licks them. Kaktus slides down, turning on the way to be taken doggy. The boyfriend's body drips with sweat as he lies on his back to be ridden. Finally he cums with his cock in her mouth ... Her fingers soaking, the taxi arrives at her destination.

After a day out and about in markets and clubs, Starr is entitled to a lie in. Ian Tate decides to surprise her with breakfast in bed, but it's not fruit juice and toast Starr wants but his body. Pulling at his pants, Starr licks the length of his manhood before accepting it into her mouth. Getting rid of her knickers, Ian places Starr at the tip of his dick. Slowly sinking down, she grinds at his balls. Kneeling on the bed, Starr's boobs gently sway under her tight white T-shirt as Ian enters her from behind. The couple finish missionary, Ian pulling out to spunk on Starr's stomach.

After a busy day in the city Frankie returns home to find two glasses poured out on the hall table. She heads upstairs to change out of her slinky black dress into something more suitable. She reappears in royal blue lingerie and her boyfriend meets her halfway up the stairs. His hands wander over her body as she unbuttons his shirt. Frankie starts to lick his chest then works her way down to his dick. Wrapping her lips around it she fills her mouth. She has a leg up on the banister as the guy laps at Frankie's fanny. He moves, pushing her slim body hard against the wall as his cock penetrates her cunt. On the half landing Frankie jives and gyrates, the boyfriend's prick planted deep in her pussy. Back at the bottom of the stairs Frankie drops to the floor and the guy wanks over her tits.

Still in bed, Starr dozes and dreams of antique dealer Demitri ... Wandering through Portobello Market she spots a table she likes. Demitri is only too happy to carry it to her car. The two grab hold of each other to kiss. Starr can feel the throbbing bulge in his jeans as she is pushed back against the car. She restrains herself when Demitri thrusts his hand into her knickers and finger fucks her. Face down on the front seat she wants his manhood and the pair slowly rock with his cock in her pussy. Lying on the bonnet, Starr puts her legs on Demitri's shoulders as they shag. Slipping off she plunges his dick in her mouth and sucks. Demitri fires his cream over her neck and tits. Starr wipes the last few drops onto her turquoise top ... back in bed she wakes.

Sitting in the dressing room, Kaktus has her make-up finished. Dark wig and long black gloves and she is ready for the stage. She closes her eyes ... On a darkened set a guy lies on a deep blue sofa. Kaktus runs her hands over his body. She raises her black dress to reveal the tops of her stockings. The guy is stripped and Kaktus pins him onto the sofa, her hand holding tight to his cock as her tongue dances over the head. Crouching over him, she teases. Playing with her pussy then sitting on his face, she falls forward and the two 69. Down on all fours she moans as her pussy is stuffed. He grabs Kaktus by the shoulders and the pair roll back. She ends up riding reverse cowgirl. Pulling out, the guy coats Kaktus's cunt in cream...... alas it's just a dream.

Leaving a night club, Frankie stops a cab. A dark haired Elle Brook also tries to get in and the girls decide to share. Sitting on the back seat their hands meet. Frankie initially pulls away, but with Elle's fingers walking up her thighs under her black and white Chinese style dress the two kiss. Both get out at Frankie's place for the fun to continue. Elle in her sexy black dress is joined by Frankie on the sofa. She digs her nails into the sofa as her body is caressed. Lifting the Chinese dress, Elle fingers Frankie's beaded g-string, pulling it slowly across her clit. She bends and her tongue dances over the small white pearls. The juices flow. Elle has her tits sucked as she unzips Frankie's dress. She slips a curved blue toy into her pussy and starts to twist. Frankie shudders. Their bodies locked together, the girls lie back.

With Private Thoughts the scene settings and atmosphere are as important as the action and Joy Bear have it just about right. Beautifully shot, the girls all look sexy, sophisticated and in the case of Kaktus and Frankie slightly smouldering. It's not your bang a minute production but a brilliantly erotic film which you can enjoy with a glass or two of wine and relax. Top Marks.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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