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Released: 2006 (but shot much earlier)
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Your Choice, compilation
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Your Choice

Terry Stephens has kept us waiting for these scenes for what seems like years - hold on, it has been years. But they were worth the wait. We've been given tantalising glimpses before - of Laura Turner going down on Kelly Aris on a tube train in a One-Eyed Jack trailer to a video that was never released, and of Layla~Jade having sex on a train in a hardcore John Mason photoset. Now all is revealed in full motion.

The DVD begins with the outrageous Underground antics of Kelly and Laura - no wonder this wasn't submitted to the BBFC. They parade about on almost - but not quite - deserted night-time Underground platforms, escalators and trains in very short skirts with nothing on beneath - from the start in the case of Kelly and Laura soon takes off her knickers to put them to more inventive use. Terry has a minder along, and also Tamara (credited as Maya on the box) who looks too stunned to join in. However, she is shortly seen in POV action indoors with Terry.

Then we see Shakina and Kelly Aris making out in a phone booth at night before adjourning to continue indoors with the aid of toys.

Next Lee-Anne McQueen is seen in public daytime action in a car and then outside with Storm. They take a break in a pub and are joined by Bev Cocks who arrives in the middle of some under-the-table groping and cunnilingus. They shorty adjourn to the Gents and then, joined by John Mason and Mr Slurpy, to a rooftop where Mr Slurpy performs his magic on Lee-Anne. I hope the roof was leak-proof.

Layla sits next to Storm at the station and pees on a plastic bench. They find a quiet carriage on the train and get down to the sex. A male passenger is allowed to join in - or at least to get his kit off and wank while he watches. He goes back home with them as they finish off indoors. There is also more pee action as someone wants to wash his hands and Layla obliges with the liquid.

Karina Currie does some flashing in rainy Amsterdam before some POV action with Terry in the hotel room.

Lastly we see the spectacular Sarah Beattie scene from Viewers' Wives 19. Or rather scenes, because the action moves from kitchen, to living room, to car (where several lorry drivers get a visual feast), to the car park of an exhaust centre (where there's a mini-gang bang on the bonnet of a car), to more pee action in a toilet, to tube train and finally back indoors again.

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