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Released: 2006
Director: Tas
Notes: Nectas Movies
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Running time: 176 mins.

"In the gangland underworld, two feuding families are fighting for control. One boss has a beautiful blonde daughter (Harmony Hex), the other sets out to kidnap her."

It's a good job an overview of the plot appears on the cover because it would be hard to work out what the film is about just by watching it. Following on from the successful 'Hot Cinders' and with a cast of six hot girls spread over eight scenes, the film has all the ingredients to make it a hit ... though something's gone wrong in the mixing.

Suzie Best and Warren guard the woods around Harmony's house to make sure she comes to no harm. The two have a novel idea - on lookout duty Warren stands with his trousers down while Suzie wanks his cock into her mouth. Kneeling on his coat, her white blouse and black bra come off as she sucks. Suzie moves to sit on Warren's face and his tongue probes her pussy. Leaning against a tree and surrounded by flies, Suzie is taken from behind. The two lie in the fallen leaves, Suzie slipping his cock into her pussy reverse cowgirl. She turns to be taken up the arse. On all fours, the anal action continues. Crouching with her tongue out, Suzie catches Warren's spunk.

At the rival gang's hideout, a converted lockup, they plan the kidnap. In her pin-striped suit and fishnet-clad legs, Rio listens. Her accomplice climbs between her legs to lick at her muff. She slowly strips. The guy looks worried, as well he might when she sees the size of his tadger. It takes all Rio's skills to get the guy stiff in her mouth, then she quickly bends over the table to be taken from behind. Rolling over he manages to keep pounding her pussy before she pops it into her arse. After a few strokes doggy the guy cums over Rio's face.

Warren goes to check out Harmony. She sits in her see-through black blouse and sexy lingerie. If anything happens to her she doesn't want to die a virgin. Pulling down her black knickers, Warren fills his mouth with her pussy. She moans as he laps her shaven snatch. Harmony wants to taste his cock and her tongue flicks over the head of his shaft as she wanks. Warren sits and Harmony lowers herself onto his dick and starts to dance. Leaning back, she twists herself to have her tits sucked. The two fall to the floor where the riding continues. They move towards the fireplace where she is entered from behind. A quick shag spoons and Warren drops his load over Harmony's tits.

In the wood the advanced guard from the rival gang have arrived. Sarah-Jane peels down her white panties and sits on a log to let a masked Ninja lick her pussy. Pestered by midges, she lifts out his dick and wraps her lips around it. Sarah-Jane turns to be taken doggy. A rub of the cock between her tits and the scene finishes with a fake cum shot in the mouth. The guy pulls out his cock and Sarah-Jane dribbles what looks like double cream over her chin.

Harmony is in the swimming pool. Starr enters with a towel and she towers over her as she helps dry her off. Taking her tits out of her black bra, Harmony nibbles. Starr bends to get at her pussy. The girls 69, tonguing each other's clits and making their pussy lips swell. What the tongues can't reach the fingers can and Harmony and Starr work away to orgasm.

Wrapped in a towel, Starr enters the kitchen to make a cuppa. She is surprised by Warren and Merlin and the towel drops to the floor, quickly followed by the boys' pants. Starr goes down on Merlin while Warren pulls at her pussy. The guys swap and a dick is jabbed into her cunt. As she lies on the table with her legs in the air, the two take turns filling her fanny. Warren's legs and bum have some nasty looking midge bites from his outdoor antics. Some unflattering camera angles don't show Starr in her best light. Her pussy filled, Merlin adds his cock to her arse. The table rattles with the three fucking on top. The boys pull out to shower her tits in spunk.

Back to the woods where Sahara approaches Warren. His guard is dropped when she falls in front of him and fills her face with cock. With flies buzzing and a beetle running over the lens, Sahara sinks the prick into her pussy. Obviously bitten, she stops to scratch. Moving the cock to her arse, Sahara leans forward and bounces. Her hair falls over Warren's head like a badly made wig. Kneeling, she takes his cum in her mouth - then shoots him.

Diving over walls and darting round corners, Ninja man is inside the house and face to face with Harmony. Rather than be kidnapped she has other ideas and unzips his pants to play with his flaccid length. Her kiss of life manages to revive the stiffness. Mask removed, he goes down lapping at Harmony's black knickers and finishes her doggy over the arm of the sofa.

This film is a big disappointment. The plot is virtually non-existent and, with the exception of Warren, the girls are let down by poor non-performing guys. You also have to feel sorry for Suzie, Sarah-Jane and Sahara out in the woods, their bodies being attacked by hordes of biting insects. This doesn't make for the sexiest scenes. It makes you scratch just watching it. If you are interested in entomology (that's fly spotting to you and me) the film is a must. Otherwise, leave it alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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