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Released: 2006
Director: Kenny Darcy
Notes: English Amateurs
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Sarah, dressed as a French maid, is disciplined by a big, fat, black mistress. Using a small cane then a slipper, both mark Sarah's arse. More humiliation in the form of nipple tweaking then a fair bit of pussy slapping as Sarah stands or leans against an office desk.

Sarah leaves and a very slim brunette girl (Kimmi or Cindy) in stockings and a cream rubber dress arrives. She removes her black knickers for some relentless pussy slapping before Suzie Best enters (in pvc basque and black stockings) and she rubs the slim girl's seriously swollen labia. The black mistress watches as the two girls pleasure each other with tongues and dildos, giving an occasional hand herself, especially when the nipple clamps are introduced, before dismissing the girls at the end of the scene.

This dreary film, shot in a nondescript room with a plum carpet and a single office desk, is anything but sensual - which sums up the whole production. The amateurish lighting and camerawork could be forgiven if the cast ever got out of second gear. After a while the constant instructions from the black mistress just irritate too. Limp - both it and I was.

Pussy Pumped (bonus) - A bespectacled Tiffany walks up and down some stairs so the camera can see up her skirt, then she positions herself on a black sofa, removes her skirt, pulls down her tights and uses a rabbit on herself. Despite keeping her tights round her ankles. Tiffany manages to get her thighs spread wide as she gives a curiously arousing performance.

Miss Pissy (bonus) - The second clip simply features Tiffany, in a short blue shift dress, pulling her tights down and squatting over a toilet bowl to take a piss. Tiffany's puzzlement about how this can be appealing shows, as this brief clip has zero arousal value.

The main feature is just 50 minutes long and the whole DVD just over an hour if you add the bonus scenes, so poor value for money. This is the sort of film that an amateur makes for his personal satisfaction, not one that should see the commercial light of day.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

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