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Released: 2007
Director: Steven Angelo
Notes: Harmony XXX, see also egafd
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Running time: 113 mins (plus 30 min bonus scene).

Director Steven Angelo and Harmony have invited a group of girls to a party. And what a party it turns out to be with Claudia Rossi, Sandy Cage and Annette Schwarz attending, along with Sahara Knite and Nancy in her first big production. The film is cleverly made. The first three scenes start almost identically, the camera milling around the guests before following them off to show their antics. The first girl they follow is Nancy.

Gang Bang Me
In her sexy black evening dress and veiled hat, Nancy becomes the centre of attention. The room darkens and she is left in a pool of light surrounded by four guys. Taking out their cocks she starts to suck on one and two at a time. Her black dress slides off her shoulders and she lies back in her black basque, her stocking clad legs akimbo. Oliver Sanchez is the first to push his prick into Nancy's pussy. She licks and laps at the other boys. Each of them takes a turn between her legs, thrusting and ramming in deep. Nancy goes down on all fours to be taken from behind and gets spit-roasted. Climbing onto a cock to ride cowgirl, Nancy falls forward on the guy. A dick is pushed into her empty arse. Nancy next tries double vag, before being pile driven by the group. A little more DP action and Nancy's bum is showered in spunk. She licks the last drops off the guys' dicks.

Abuse Me
Annette Schwarz wants the guys at the party to use her body.

The Dykes
After stuffing her pussy with a huge black dildo, Sandy Cage indulges in some hard core girl-on-girl action with Nicolette.

Face Fuck Me
In one of the shortest scenes in the film, Sahara Knite has slipped down to the cellar where Sensi waits for her with his cock at the ready. Grabbing his dick in both hands, Sahara crouches and feeds it down her throat. The two sink onto the stone steps to 69. Sahara's scoffs on Sensi's staff. Her feet are black with muck. Pinned against the wall, Sahara wants her tonsils fucked. She wipes the wet dick over her face and jerks Sensi's load onto her tongue.

Claudia Rossi climbs to the top of the house where behind one of the large wooden doors she finds Sharka Blue, tied up. She is invited in for cocktails - but not the drinks.

Normally the bonus scenes are excerpts from other films, or stuff that is not good enough to make the main film. Consequently, I don't usually include them in the review. With Harmony and The Party though, things are different. This is a brand new scene directed by Steven Angelo, starring Natalie Heck and four of the guys from the main feature.

In her black and white spotty dress, Natalie enters her office in the film production company. Turning on the TV, she fondles her tits and runs her hands over her knickers as she watches Suzie Best on the small screen. Opening her draw, Natatlie selects a toy from the array inside. Her feet on the desk, she works it hard and deep in her pussy till she climaxes. Straightened up, it's off to see how the chaps in the packing department are getting on. Opening her dress, she gives a flash of her white stockings. The boys move in as her tits are eased out of her bra. Panties down, Ian Tait finds a jewel ended butt-plug wedged up Natalie's arse. He pulls it out and replaces it with his cock. Natalie's moans are stifled as her throat is filled with cock. Peeling off her dress, the chaps bang away at her pussy and arse. She rides the four reverse cowgirl, then spins round to be DP'd. Stretching her bum open with a speculum, two of the boys shoot their jizz into Natalie's gaping hole. The rest empty their balls over her face.

The Party is a carefully crafted film, mixing eroticism with steamy hard action. New girl Nancy, with her tall slim stature, is a revelation in her first major role and one to look out for in the future. There is a minor inconvenience with the film. After each scene it returns to the menu and Natalie Heck's appearance is tucked away in the DVD extras. That said, with sexy stunning girls who are hot, hot, hot, Harmony have another winner with The Party.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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