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Released: 2007 (some scenes shot much earlier)
Director: Terry Stephens & John Mason
Notes: Your Choice, compilation
Notes and Reviews

The Russian twins lark about in the back of a London taxi, flashing at passers-by, before ending up at a posh basement flat where both fuck Chris in a suds-filled bath. Moving to the bedroom, Mr Slurpy gets a quickie. As seen in earlier versions. Although the bedroom bit is truncated.

While Alan only needs to get his cock out of his trousers, Maya strips to her pants and T-shirt (no bra) to get fucked in the back of Terry's car as it's driven along a motorway. Despite the limited space, Maya impales herself on Alan's cock for some pretty good action. Back at John Mason's, the naked pair fuck on the studio bed until Alan cums over Maya's belly. This is the cue for everyone to join in as Maya takes Terry and Mr Slurpy for a DP.

Terry, John and Mr Slurpy take small-titted young mum Bev and her husband out for a day in the Sussex countryside. Terry lifts Bev's skirt for a doggy style quickie in the woods before getting her to flash along country lanes, while wearing just a leather coat. Back home, Bev spreads out on the kitchen table to get fucked by Terry & Mr Slurpy before moving to the bedroom, where John also fucks her (including anal).

Angelica is driven around the streets of London by her husband, while Terry films her undressing and masturbating with a dildo to a climax. Terry directs the driver to a block of flats where Angelica, naked apart from black boots, gets fucked by her husband on a single divan bed. At the end she takes a decent facial. This is an edited version of Scorpio Woman Rising which has lost some of the more repetitive action and street flashing. However, it still retains the look of wonder on a young man's face as he peers in the back of a parked car to see the beautiful Angelica stark naked with a dildo up her pussy.

Chris and Georgette indulge in some heavy petting and light flashing in the back of Terry's car, before finding a house location. The pair perform for the camera (and houseowner Brian) on the sofa. Chris shows off by cumming over Georgette' bum and then continuing to fuck her.

Terry and Bob Scott take the delightful Vanessa out in the country for a spin. Loosening her clothes - but keeping her shades on - Vanessa sucks Bob's cock in the back of the car as he films. Once again the cramped conditions of a small family car do not preclude Vanessa mounting her man as Terry drives along suburban streets. Down in the sunny woods, Bob fucks Vanessa against trees and in the leaf litter, coming twice in the process.

John's Portuguese villa garden is hardly public, but it's where Jennifer, Keira, Janca, Poppy, Tilly and Anais get down and dirty in a five-way lesbian scene from Johnny Rebel's Vacation 2. Followed by Pascal fucking Poppy Morgan on the villa's terrace from the same film.

Bonus scene - John Mason demonstrates his skills with a razor by trimming Wendy Taylor's pubes before he gives her a hard fucking on a sofa. Wendy gives Mr Slurpy's cock a polish as John fucks her from behind. Everyone goes down the woods for more fucking and naked frolicking before the team get daring in a filling station. Terry manages to get a few fingers up her as Wendy flashes her arse (where are those security cameras?). The car wash allows more cock sucking, then Wendy fucks Terry cowgirl in the car while John drives. The scene ends with Wendy fucking John and Lindy on a station footbridge as the trains rattle by below - and that quick BJ for Terry in a phone box!

Another fine batch of scenes from those masters of enjoyably sneaky sex, Terry Stephens and John Mason. Porn regulars Maya, Wendy and Vanessa turn in daringly sexy performances, while the enigmatic and beautiful Angelica is fucked in a stranger's flat (caught fleetingly on camera in the full version). A lot of the material is a decade old and is indecency in public that wouldn't get past the censors today. Well worth it, even for collectors who have the original VHS, as the DVD transfer is generally good. Well worth £20 of anyone's money.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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