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Released: 2008
Director: Nigel Wingrove
Notes: Girls Play / Obey UK
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Running time: 99 mins.

Set in the late 60's, Purple Haze features five girls in their quest for free love. Led by Rio Mariah, the group of Mazel, Nikita Devine and Sahara entice Jessica Love back to their palatial squat for sex.

Sitting in the park, Jessica is starting to feel the chill set in when she is approached by Mazel and Rio. Seeing how cold she looks the pair invite her back to their flat. This being the 60's and with sisterly love in the air, the three strip and spread out on the table taking turns to lap at each other.

Surrounded by candles and joss-sticks, Sahara sits cross legged playing with her pussy. Pressing on her clit and fingering herself, she reaches a state of karma when Nikita creeps in in her tight turquoise tank top. She has brought a gift of a big red box. Opening it, she reveals a large dildo. Sahara shoves it between her legs. Nikita produces a second toy which she holds against Sahara's pussy lips making her cry out with pleasure. Rolling over, Sahara squeezes the vibe into her arse. Hiking up her tight skirt and pulling her fuchsia panties aside, Nikita is probed with a rabbit. She turns onto all fours to ease it up her arse. Sahara laps the juices off the toys as the candles slowly go out.

Putting on their make-up, Jessica and Rio are planning to party. Rio is hoping to get a cock up her arse. Jessica claims she's still an anal virgin. With Nikita close at hand, the two decide to introduce Jessica to the art of bum banging. Slipping down Jessica's white knickers, a black vibrator is held against her bum hole. The girls suck at her boobs as the toy disappears up her backside. Reaching for a second vibe, the girls work it into Jessica's pussy. Rio hunts out an aquamarine toy which she pops in her pussy. Stroking her snatch, Nikita flops back in a bean sack as the other two paw at her plump pussy lips. All three end up wanking away with toys in their arses.

Things seem to be going wrong and Jessica wants to leave the party. A mouthful of spiked booze from a bottle and it's off on an hallucinogenic trip... She awakes to find Mazel and Sahara cramming toys into her cunt. Turned face down in a pile of cushions, Jessica squirms as the two jab away. The girls leave Jessica zonked out.

Climbing the long curved stairs to the flat, Sahara and Rio, in their see-through summer dresses, stop for a little girl-on-girl action. Crouching between Sahara's legs, Rio laps away at her fanny. Finding a toy in her bag, she slips it in. A purple rabbit appears. Pressed against the door, Sahara wheedles the toy past Rio's panties and into her pussy. Rio spanks Sahara's arse as she wanks.

Party time and the girls have had a little too much to drink. They decide to play dare... Jessica is first, stripping off her white panties as the other four ravish her pussy. Nikita is next. Pulling at her pussy flaps, she works a dildo deep into her hole. The game deteriorates into a sucking and finger fucking frenzy as the alcohol takes its effect. One by one the girls collapse until only Jessica is left standing. Stuffing her bag, she leaves.

The idea may have been good, but in practice this movie leaves a lot to be desired. What story line there is makes little sense and the camera work is deplorable... While soft focus shots are okay, here a lot of the action is out of focus! The other mystery is why Nikita kept her biggest assets hidden in an awful tank top. Purple Haze? More like Purple Blur!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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