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Released: 2008 (some scenes shot much earlier)
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Your Choice, compilation
Notes and Reviews

A third batch of outdoor fun from the master of rude antics, Terry Stephens. Many of these scenes have appeared elsewhere, but the DVD quality reproduction here gives them a new lease of life.

Laura Turner and Chris News
Laura Turner, beautifully tanned, cavorts on the flat roof of a North London building before she's joined by boyfriend Chris News. Under a brilliant blue sky, Chris peels off Laura's lime green micro bikini and fucks her in all positions, including anal. Laura pauses to douse her body in cool water before resuming for the cumshot.

Lee-anne McQueen
From bright sunshine to leaden clouds, the action cuts to Lee-anne McQueen who is in Terry's car being driven along a motorway in the pouring rain. In front is John Mason's Golf, also loaded with talent. But for this scene we concentrate on Lee-anne in the back with Danish Tomas (or is it Alf?). While Mr Slurpy drives and talks on his mobile, Terry films the couple in the back as they undress and fuck. Despite the cramped conditions, the 60mph action is highly arousing and clearly filmed.

Shakina Shergold and Bob Scott
Another typical wet summers day finds Bob driving around suburban London. From the back seat, pre boob-job Shakina, naked apart from a sheer pair of pink panties, slips her hand around Bob's knob, wanking him as he drives. Eventually the team arrive at a flat, where Shakina flashes in the street before taking Bob upstairs for a well-deserved fucking. Action in every room includes watersports in the bathroom and anal in the bedroom.

That French Girl and Storm
Storm and that French Girl (TFG) take a stroll in the park before returning to Terry's car for some mutual genital stimulation, then back to the flat for a full blown sex session. Lots of dirty action on the couch with Mr Slurpy adding his tounge as TFG gets fucked reverse cowgirl.

Roller Girl and Bob Scott
Another chance to own one of Bob's finest performances with Heather Graham lookalike Corrine. Starting in the park with some competent rollerblading, the couple continue back home with Bob stripping Corrine to her bra, but leaving the blades on before fucking her doggy style. Fantastic sex with a beautiful slim blonde all over the sofa and floor, which is rendered more enigmatic as there is a third male in the room just watching. This scene has many iterations including Corrine and Avril and British Amateurs from Manchester, which are in my collection.

Kelly and Tomas
Kelly, in a little black dress, flaunts herself at some railway stations before Tomas (or is it Alf?) takes her on the train for some more fun. It's mainly tits and cocks out on the train, but Kelly gets a serious fucking in full public view on the wire seat on a deserted platform. The action continues back at the flat as a stark bollock naked Kelly waves to Terry in the garden. More sex in the lounge with Kelly blowing Mr Slurpy while getting doggy fucked. The action concludes in the bedroom.

Kate and Boyfriend
A classic. Tall and slim Kate on the train, on the station and, finally, back at the flat. Flashing, groping, licking, dildo action and finally full blown top quality fucking. Includes a superb sequence where Kate strips to her black hold-ups and walks around a deserted station while the rest of the team (boyfriend, John Mason and Mr Slurpy) keep watch. Everyone returns to the flat where Kate gets a proper shagging on the sofa and in the bedroom. Brilliant girl, brilliant scene. This is the Have it Awayday scene and is also in Nobbin' Neighbours 3.

Violet Storm and Mark Sloan (Bonus Scene 1)
When Violet meets biker Mark in a Hertforshire field the action is every bit as hard and hot as you expect. This is the scene from Every Hole's a Goal.

Amanda White and Karl Kincaid
Amanda gets naughty with Karl on the Northern Line before taking him home for some serious shagging. Scene from Backdoor Raiders.

Three hours of brilliant sex with Terry and the team. All of this material was shot around ten years ago but the obvious enjoyment and naughty glee that infuses every scene is still fresh. Regrettably, ten years of government restrictions mean that the film is a real period piece, with talking on a mobile while driving, riding in the back of a car without a seatbelt, smoking in pubs and public sex in general all now banned. But thanks to Amsterdam-based Your Choice, such delights are still available to watch. Excellent.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2008

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