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Released: 2008
Director: Blacky Mendez
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Sex Terror in der Geister-Villa DVD available Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 121 mins.

Relish have adopted a wry approach to many of their films and Porn of the Dead is no exception. In a spoof of the TV series Most Haunted, Renee Richards plays psychic Yvonne Feely who, assisted by her spirit medium Dick Bush, has invited a group of guys and girls to spend the night in a haunted whore house. In their hunt for ghosts it's beds that rattle rather than the chains of ghouls.

Even before the camera crew have set up, Dick is possessed by the spirits. He has a message: Renee must suck the sound guy's cock. Dropping his boom, Jay stands as Renee strips. Crouching, she dribbles and gags on his length. Knickers off, Renee lies back on a chair, legs apart, to be fingered and licked. Jay plunges his prick deep into Renee's soaking wet pussy while she tugs at her clit. Sitting up, she wanks Jay's cheb between her lips. The two fall to the floor where Renee is taken doggy. Turning Jay onto his back, Renee hammers down against his thighs. Ready to cum, Renee takes Jay's cream over her tits.

Wandering along a dark corridor, Carla Cox and Kieran hear a noise in the shadows. Stopping by a tatty sofa in a basement room, they take a rest. A chill runs down their spines and they cuddle up to keep warm. Carla feels a sudden urge to swallow cock. Her head drops into Kieran's lap. A ghostly Katie Lee appears, her blonde hair and white dress flowing. She joins Carla in sucking dick. Moving up Kieran's body, Katie pulls his face into her shaven snatch and rips off her dress as she's licked. The girls take turns to ride Kieran's rod, leaving it covered in juice. Carla is fucked spoons with the phantom Katie gnawing at her pussy. Katie rolls onto her back, letting Kieran bang away missionary. He shoots his spunk over the spirit and escapes. Looking back, Carla and Kieran see Katie's body spattered in blood.

Hearing a scream, Dick and the camera crew rush through the building. They come across Cate and Sasha caressing each other on a pile of old cushions. Dick watches, mesmerized as the duo slip out of their nighties to finger and lick pussy. Reflected in a large gilt framed mirror, Cate and Sasha 69. Taking a double-ended toy, the pair feed it into their pussies. An eerie green light falls over their bodies as they jerk. Stuffing a red gel toy into Cate's pussy, she cries out as she climaxes. Sasha laps at the free end. The girls grind their pussies together, moan and then vanish.

Claudia Rossi sets out to investigate the cellars when she is overcome by a spirit force. She needs to be fucked hard in the arse and Clark is the man to do it. Powerless to resist, he'll do anything to satisfy this haunted honey.

Dick is hoping to contact the other side with the help of Leah and Sammy Jo. Gathered round a ouija board, the glass scoots across the table. The girls feel a ghostly grip on their bums. They watch as the message is spelt out: 'Get fucking'. Renee is on hand to help out. Leah climbs onto a four poster bed with Kieran while Sammy Jo and Renee tackle Clark's cock. With her black lace clad legs parted, Leah lets Kieran lap at her pussy. Shuffling up the bed, she slips his shaft into her moist hole. Positioning herself between Renee's thighs, Sammy Jo licks as Clark squeezes his cock past her panties and into her pussy. Leah lowers herself onto Kieran's knob and slowly gyrates. Sammy Jo does the same with Clark sitting on his cock. Joining the duo on the bed, Renee forces her fanny into Kieran's face and flops forward to 69. The five fuck away in a fingers and dicks frenzy till Kieran cums over Sammy Jo and Clark fires his load onto Leah and Renee... What came over them?

Porn of the Dead is a very tongue-in-cheek production with Dick Bush not taking the subject of spooks too seriously. Cleverly staged, there's just the right amount of interplay between the crew and performers at the start of the scenes to successfully parody TV's ghost hunters series. Once the action starts it's sexy and hot. Just what you'd expect from girls of the calibre of Renee and Claudia. With Porn of the Dead, Relish show that send ups can be sizzling fun.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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