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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 109 mins.

Phil Barry has a knack of finding new talent for his movies and this time it's posh girl Pippa. She may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but now she's grown up that's changed to dick. Whether out on her estate or in her palatial mansion, this high class chick craves cock and finds it in the most unusual places.

After a day's riding, Pippa returns her horse to the stables. Once it's settled down in its stall Pippa asks the lad for help with her boots. Sitting on a bale, he tugs and pulls. Pippa tells him to continue with her jodhpurs. Easing her black knickers aside, the lad laps at Pippa's smooth pussy and slips a finger into her damp hole. Lying back, she gently moans. Undoing her blouse, Pippa flicks the boy with her riding crop to see what he has to offer. Grabbing his cock, she presses it between her lips. Kneeling, Pippa wants his dick inside her. He fucks her doggy. The horse may be away but Pippa's up for more riding as she mounts the lad's staff. Rocking against his balls, Pippa falls onto her side. The pair continue spoons. With her fingers around the lad's dick, Pippa wanks him into her mouth.

Armed with a basket of fruit and vegetables, Pippa pops off to see the Reverend Tony with something for his harvest festival. Slipping his hand into Pippa's blouse, the dirty vicar hopes there may be something more on offer. His actions get her aroused and Tony is soon nibbling at Pippa's erect nipples, as his hand finds its way up her black skirt. Removing her knickers, Pippa's pussy looks ripe and ready to eat. Tony delves in. Wanting to see more of her vicar, Pippa helps Tony off with his cassock and runs his cock over her boobs. Sitting on the Chesterfield, Tony invites Pippa to sit on his pew. The sofa creaks and sways as she hammers down. Yanking off her skirt, Pippa bends forward, caressing her clit as she's taken from behind. Rolling over, the pair squash together as Tony practices his missionary work. Pippa is truly thankful when Tony drops his load on her tongue.

Pippa's piano practice is not going to plan. Her concentration is wandering towards teacher Keni. Slamming down the lid, she suggests there are other ways in which she can exercise her fingers... e.g. around Keni's cock. Undoing her tight white blouse, Pippa teases her boobs. Climbing onto the piano, his jeans come down and she practices her finger work on her fanny. Opening her legs, she gets Keni to lap at her pussy lips, stroking his shaven head as encouragement. Carried across the room, Pippa is placed on a chair where she takes Keni's prick into her mouth. The two move to an antique sofa. The shagging starts missionary at first, then on all fours. Lowering herself onto Keni's cock, Pippa writhes up and down then spins round to face him. She drops to the floor tonguing and jerking at his cheb. Keni eventually cums in Pippa's mouth.

Sitting in the window, Pippa notices the gardener hard at work. She calls him in for a job she has. Unbuttoning her pink jim-jams, he starts on her tits before planting his tongue in her neatly tendered pussy. Tugging down his trousers, Pippa wraps her lips around his prick to see it grow more. Kneeling in front of the window, she gets him to fuck her. The two climb onto the table to shag Pippa on her back, then her side. Turning over, the gardener's hands are guided to Pippa's boobs as she rides him reverse. With her tongue dancing over the tip of his shaft, Pippa wants to taste the gardener's seed.

Maid Michelle brings Pippa her tea. It tastes disgusting. She's going to have to be punished. Bending forward, Pippa lifts Michelle's black skirt and gives her bum a thwack. The sight of black panties pulled tight into Michelle's bum gives Pippa an idea. She runs her tongue over the bare flesh. Hiking up her own skirt, it appears Pippa has forgotten her knickers. Michelle stoops to suck at her plump pussy lips. Stripping Michelle out of her white blouse, Pippa plays with her tits. Naked, the girls cavort on the table, their tongues exploring each other's bodies. Dropping onto the floor, the pair grind their pussies together. Pippa shuffles up Michelle's body and sits on her face. The muff munching makes up for the mistake with the tea.

Phil Barry and Pumpkin have a deserved reputation for producing good quality pictures and Pippa The Posh Bint is no exception. New actress Pippa looks confident and at ease in front of the camera, enjoying her sessions with the guys. Although, she's a little more apprehensive in her girl/girl scene with superstar Michelle B. Top marks to both Pippa and Phil for this movie. Great entertainment.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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