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Released: 2008
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Violation Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 124 mins.

A new Harmony film is always something to look forward to and those who have bought Pervertz! have two hours of Eroto-Fetish entertainment at its very best to watch. The film is packed with everything you would expect from a Tanya Hyde film: Gorgeous girls, great settings and hot kinky sex.

Filthy Habits
The first scene in the film is subdivided into six sections as we follow naughty nun Amber Leigh on her way to saviour.

  • Self Abuse - Rubber clad Amber climbs the stairs in her convent to the chants of the choir and a tolling bell. Stepping into the toilets, she hikes up her habit and starts to finger herself. Her legs in the air and with her arms hooked under her thighs, Amber pulls open her pussy and pops in four fingers.
  • Lust - Spotting Amber pushing her rosary where a rosary shouldn't go, novice nun Kiesha sits opposite the open toilet door with her fingers plundering her pussy.
  • Unnatural Acts - With father Kieran climbing the stairs, Kiesha squeezes into the cubical to lick at Amber's body. Working her way down from her boobs, she reaches Amber's pussy and flicks her tongue against her clit. Bending Kiesha forward, Amber plunges a glass toy into her open arse.
  • Confessional - Entering the confessional, Father Kieran jerks on his stiffening cock as Amber admits to her wrong doings. He pushes his prick through the partition wall and Amber sucks on it for forgiveness for her sins. Kiesha joins Amber in the confessional, spreading and licking her pussy. She too wants Father Keiran's mercy and wraps her lips around his shaft.
  • Punishment - Stripped down to their shiny basques and stockings, the naughty nuns whip each other while Keiran, the perverted priest, fucks their throats. Kiesha lowers herself onto Keiran's cock to bang and grind. Lying on a small black stool, Amber undertakes some missionary work before the ram of God goes up her arse.
  • Absolution - Crouching before Keiran, the girls accept his cum as a sign of pardon.

In shiny red latex, a peaked hat and sky high heels, Sofia Valentine fingers herself in the red scarlet painted toilets of the Freak Club. Jay's cock appears through the wall. Removing her hat, Sofia runs her tongue along its length. Changed into black, Sofia relaxes at the bar as a naked Jay fondles her bum. A group of cast-offs from one of the weirdest fancy dress parties imaginable watch as Strapon Jane, in her long black coat, squeezes on Jay's cock. Sofia balances almost motionless as her pussy and arse are prized open. Dropping to the floor, she chews at Jay's cock. The entourage make for the stage. Sofia sits on a high chair, her legs splayed open, as an industrial looking Jay, in goggles and gauntlets, paws at her pussy. Grabbing a steel toy, he plugs Sofia's holes. Swapping places with her, she sits on his dick. In shiny black and with her plastic prick, Strapon Jane takes over the fucking, hammering her tool hard between Sofia's legs. Juices running, Jane moves into Sofia's arse, jabbing in deep. Jay jerks his jizz over Sofia's gaping holes and face.

Keep it Clean
Two cops loiter in the doorway as Clark enters the toilet. In her black negligee and fishnets, Suzie follows him in. Her blonde hair is in plaits. Placing her strange looking sex doll on the ground, Suzie peels down her frilly red knickers and kneels on a stool to suck on a cock sticking through the wall. With her tongue darting back and forth over the shaft, Cop Clark hangs up his hat and starts to investigate Suzie's pussy. He pops his truncheon in her arse. Suzie spins round to swallow his dick. A change of scene and a fur clad Jasmine slowly swings round in a deep 'egg' chair, her fingers in her fanny. In the toilet, Suzie gets her bum plugged with Clark's whistle. He fucks away with the doll staring on. Jasmine gets her own cock to play with. Her eyes light up as she licks her way down. A bowler hatted Demitri then fills her throat with man meat. Demitri bangs away at a bent over Jasmine. Clark enters and crams his cheb in her mouth. The boys swap places. Suspended in a harness, Jasmine is humped by the pair. She rides a cock up her arse. Clark fires his cum over Suzie's bum. Demitri spatters Jasmine with spunk.

Factory Girls
In a smoke filled workshop, big breasted Gianna Michaels and Rebecca Jessop labour at their machines. Pulling down their overalls, the girls squirts oil over their boobs and press themselves together. Jay and Clark watch from afar as the girls squeeze and pull at their grease covered tits. With their overalls on the floor, Gianna wipes her hands on Rebecca's frilly pink panties, then licks at the dirt smeared pussy. Kneeling in her stockings and safety boots, Rebecca fills her fanny with fingers. Jay moves in to help her out. Clark comes closer to get his cock sucked. Rebecca squirms as she's prodded and sucked. Boobs swaying, the two pull and probe at Rebecca's pussy with their fingers and dicks. Sitting on Jay's cock, Rebecca tugs and laps at Clark's tool. Hoisted and with steel bands round their cocks, the boys bang away at both ends of Rebecca. Flipping down her safety goggles, she takes two loads of cum on her face.

Pervertz! has all the hallmarks of a classic Tanya Hyde film. Great cinematography, clever editing and composition,,weird and slightly menacing sets. And stunning girls in kinky rubber and leather outfits performing sizzling, hard action. What more could you want from a film?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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