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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
Alternate Titles
  • Pissing Perversions Spice Extreme
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

Kendo is one of the most talented directors around, mixing sizzling sex with artistic flare. In Perversions he has taken the kinky actions of six sexy girls and turned them into one hundred minutes of steaming eroticism.

Standing in the toilet, Cate holds up her black dress and pulls her panties aside for a pee. The camera pans down her stocking clad legs to her zebra striped shoes. Caressing her legs, Cate's fingers slip into her damp pussy. Rubbing herself against the door frame, Cate sinks to the floor masturbating. Straightening herself up, she heads back into the bar where Keni waits. Sitting down, the pair kiss and caress. Cate pulls Keni's cock from his pants and starts to lick. His swollen shaft fills her mouth. Reaching out, Keni's fingers find Cate's fanny. Her knickers come down and he teases. Cate climbs onto Keni's dick and rides. Her boobs bounce in Keni's face. Barman Scott joins the two of them. Cate sucks his prick as she's fucked doggy. Keni cums over Cate's back and Scott shoots his spunk onto her tongue.

Sahara enters the toilet and makes her way to a cubical. Lifting her dress, she tugs and pulls at her pussy through her white lace knickers. Letting her panties fall to her ankles, she pees and plays. Ben comes in to find Sahara fingering her pussy. With her boobs out of her dress, she lets him watch. Standing, Sahara approaches and places Ben's hand on her bum. He bends forward to kiss her cheeks. Kneeling, she undoes his trousers. Her tongue works down his staff and across his balls before Sahara fills her mouth with cheb. Ben slides down the wall. With Sahara's leg over his shoulder, he gets a face full of moist fanny. The two move back into the cubical. Ben sits with Sahara grinding on his shaft. Balanced between the hand basins, Sahara is shagged. She drops forward to be taken from behind. Ready to cum, Ben releases his load over Sahara's tits.

Sitting on the edge of a bath, wearing crotch-less fishnets, Leigh's legs tremble as she pisses. Outside, Clark and Keni chat as she runs the shower head over herself and presses her wet body against the glass door. Leigh needs another pee. That done, she's ready for the boys. In a bright, sparsely furnished room, Leigh perches on the arm of a white leather sofa. Her black dress rises up to reveal her shaven snatch. Clark moves to her side and his hand starts to explore. Leigh wanders over to Keni and, lying across his legs, lets him probe her pussy. The boys take out their cocks. Leigh starts to suck. With her mouth full of Keni's meat, Leigh takes Clark in her pussy. The pair sit on the sofa to let Leigh mount their shafts. Leigh lies back and the two boys fuck her. Keni squirts his spunk onto her stomach. Clark cums in her mouth. Licking her lips, Leigh swallows.

Bending forward, Jamie runs her hands up her stocking clad legs to her black and white striped knickers. Pulling the crotch tight into her pussy, she teases herself then crouches over the toilet to pee. Back in the empty bar, Pascal sits at a table. Slinking through the door, Jamie makes sure he gets a glimpse of her lingerie. She sits beside him. Pulling out his prick, Jamie buries her head in his lap. Her breasts fall out of her black dress as she feeds the spit covered cock into her face. Dress gathered round her waist, Jamie lowers herself onto his log. Her boobs bounce inches from Pascal's face. Placing Jamie on all fours, Pascal thrusts into her arse making it gape. Rolling onto her back, Jamie takes some more anal action before getting her tits coated in Pascal's cream.

In high-heeled sandals and fishnets, Lolly and Paris climb the stairs to the toilet. Taking adjacent cubicles, the girls stand and peel down their dresses as they piss. Hands move down to pussies where they play. Paris joins Lolly in her cubicle and placing Lolly's leg high up the dividing wall she licks and jabs between Lolly's legs. Lolly slithers down the wall. Her tongue flicks over Paris's clit. A purple vibe comes out of Paris's handbag and is thrusts into her wet pussy. A second red toy emerges and is stuffed into Lolly's snatch. She moans as the vibrator is hammered home. Tweaking and teasing, the pair use toys and tongues to probe one another. They both tremble as they climax.

Imaginative camerawork and clever use of black and white with colour imagery turns the girls perversions into a work of erotic-fetish art. Kendo is a true master of this genre of films and Perversions ranks high on the list of his work.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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