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Released: 2009
Notes: Brazzers
Alternate Titles
  • Quantum of Sluts
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 196 mins.

Brazzers have assembled six 30 minute vignettes featuring a diverse range of storylines, from Memphis Monroe as Sleeping Beauty in an adult adaptation of the fairy tale, to Kieran Lee in a post apocalyptic world being pursued by a feral Amy Reid.

Delta is a detective in the LAPD and has arranged an identity parade for a female witness. A group of guys line up, but the witness fails to spot the suspect. Delta has an idea and gets them to drop their pants. Thinking Scott Nail's dick looks familiar, detective Delta goes in for a closer look. The other guys dismissed, Delta presses herself against Scott's body and they kiss. Her hand moves down to his cock. Her lips follow. Grabbing his shaft near the balls, Delta runs her studded tongue over his length before taking it deep down her throat. Pulling at her grey sweater, Delta's boobs pop out of her bra. She drops her red knickers and jumps onto the table. Dribbling over Delta's shaven snatch, Scott rubs, then thrusts, his cheb hard between her legs. Delta relaxes back as she's fucked. Turning the police woman over, Scott teases her pussy and arse. Holding her hips, he hammers in from behind. Delta pushes Scott back into a chair. Hooking her black boots over his thighs, she sinks down on to his shaft. Twisting round on his dick, Delta rocks and grinds on Scott's length. Picking her up, she's carried to the table to be finished missionary. Scott fires his spunk over Delta's mouth and cheeks. Licking up his cream, she knows she has her man.

Delta's scene, like those of the other girls, is very well made, and with Gina Lynn and Shyla Styles zooming round in Aston Martins and helicopters, it's obvious that no expense has been spared. Five of the six scenes are top notch. Only Princess Memphis with her take on Sleeping Beauty slightly lets the film down. Overall, Pornstars Like It Big 7 provides three hours plus of great viewing and is well worth getting hold of.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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