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Released: 1970s
Notes: loop, Mistral Films, produced by Russell Gay. Included on The Connoisseurs' Collection Edition One, Best Of Blue Movies 5.
Alternate Titles
  • Lay-By Lovers
Notes and Reviews

Two young lovelies stop at a transport cafe for a pick-me-up. There, lorry-driver Emmett comes upon our Angie and Joan and offers them a ride in his lorry. It's a giant one and there's plenty of room. Their ride is halted in a lay-by and Emmett suggests that they have a sleep in the back whilst he keeps himself to himself in the front. So Angie and Joan lie down in the back and being intimate friends and very, very fond of each other, they are soon pleasuring each other. These wicked girls just don't care what they do to one another! But Emmett (as well as you) is peeping at our torrid twosome and, in a flash, he's in there with them... but the girls have more than enough lust in them to sate athletic Emmett. He quickly learns he shouldn't have been so cocky about his virility with the two lust-filled lassies, when he is suddenly left out in the cold!

Text from contemporaneous advert.

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