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Released: 2011
Director: Max Cool
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Male cast:

  • Tony James
  • Ian Tait
  • Keni Styles
  • Clark Kent
  • Jay Snake
  • Demitri XXX
  • Paul Chaplin

A showcasing of Paige's talents as she takes on half-a-dozen of Britain's most experienced studs in her small suburban semi. This production is obviously from the Bluebird cheap'n'cheerful range as most rooms in the house are used for the action. Paige, almost always in stockings, looks absolutely lovely, delivers her set-up lines nicely, then get noisily fucked all over the place. What will the neighbours say?

Paige is chucking ex-hubby Tony James out with just a suitcase and a cardboard box, but she wants to give him one last memory. She offers him a shag on the stairs. It's all a bit cramped but Paige, stripped down to her bra, polishes Tony's knob then lies back on the carpet to get fucked. There follows more noisy action with some reverse cowgirl and doggy before Paige, now completely naked, takes a facial - but she won't take Tony back.

Now on her own, plumber Ian Tate comes to call (or should that be calls to come?). After completing his work in the kitchen, Ian hoists Paige on to a work surface and, removing her panties, fucks her missionary. Removing her dress and bra, Paige, now wearing just her pink stockings, take's Ian's cock up her bum in reverse cowgirl down on the floor. Finally, with one leg up on the kitchen units, she gets fucked up the bum from behind before Ian pulls out and shoots over her bum.

Paige is short of furniture after her split with Tony and Clark and Keni are delivering her new red leather sofa. They want COD but Paige is broke and has just one thing to offer... The boys acccept by stripping her down to her black hold-ups and fucking her over the sofa. Doggy and missionary follow with cocks going in at both ends before the guys go for the Arse. A decent cowgirl DP ends with both guys firing over Paige's face.

Paige is up to her usual tricks with gardener Jay Snake when she shows him all her tools in the garden shed. Jay peels off his boiler suit, along with Paige's dress and pants, and fucks her on the shed bench. Doggy and missionary on the floor, then a return to the bench before Jay delivers a massive load over Paige's enhanced tits.

Interior designers Cindy and Demetri call to show Paige some wallpaper samples and paint colours. Of course, Paige wants everything so when Cindy gets the quote out Paige confesses that she's broke. Demetri suggests another sort of deposit and pops both girl's tits out. Paige, wearing just her basque, panties and black fishnets, is the first to take Demitri's cock in reverse cowgirl. Then Cindy, in her panties and black stockings, also has a go. There's a mix of positions for both girls before Demetri takes care of the deposit over both girl's tits.

Paige wants a small two storey extension on her house. The nerdy council officer (Paul Chaplin, who never shows his face, but the body waxings are unmistakeable) is happy to give her one but will need some persuading to give her two. Paige knows exactly what to do and grabs the officer's cock, removes her skirt and gets fucked doggy and cowgirl on the kitchen floor. The scene ends with a facial and planning permission being granted.

Paige fans will be delighted with Miss Ashley in six red-blooded action vignettes. And there's nothing to complain about when it comes to the fucking which is always clearly shot. I also would have preferred an extra girl or two to have been spared from other Bluebird productions that boast casts of dozens. The set-ups are as corny as they come but so what? Good film.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2012

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