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Released: 2011
Director: Craven Moorehead
Notes: North Pole
Alternate Titles
  • Peter North's P.O.V. 31
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 90 mins.

Robyn is the first of five girls to appear in this Point of View format. In torn fishnets and white platform shoes she runs her hands over her body, easing her boobs from her black bra and slipping down her panties. Moistening her fingers, Robyn teases her nipples and crouches down to part her pussy lips. The scene changes to a bedroom. Kneeling, she licks at a guy's dick and takes him deep into her mouth. Holding the saliva covered shaft, Robyn runs the tip between her tits as she wanks it. Clambering into the bed, she slides on to it and rides reverse. Twisting round, Robyn slams against his thighs, arching her back as she tugs at her clit. Repositioned onto all fours, the faceless guy bangs into Robyn from behind. Turning her over, he showers her boobs with spunk.

The next four scenes with Jewel Styles, Beverly Hills, Hilda Hill and Isabella Dior all follow the same format: a short solo section followed by sex with a faceless guy. POV 31 suffers from the problem which besets other movies in this genre, in as much as the 'over the shoulder' style of camerawork is very limiting. Though not as bad as some examples, there are still lots of shots of bouncing backs and the tops of girls' heads, with the 'studs' tending to be only visible from the stomach down. The solo sections in the movie are good, but the girl / guy lacks variation between the scenes. Peter North's POV 31 is too repetitive.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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