< Rendezvous with Sarah Young 1 DVD available

Notes: SAP / SYC, compilation of trailers
Alternate Titles
  • Exxtreme Part 4 DVD available Mike Hunter
Notes and Reviews

Basically a trailer show for her other films:

  • The Sarah Young Collection - SY solo, dildo, b/b/g in carpentry shop, anal, facial
  • Euroticon 2 - Shuree Bengal and males, Nicky Pearce and Rocco, Nicky Pearce, Rosemary (DP), Rocco and Christophe Clark, Misty McCaine and Shuree Bengal
  • Private Affairs
  • Love Potion
  • Sarah Young Collection 3 - Ruth solo in bath, Julie Wilson, SY with cucumber (all these as in The Very Best of Sarah Young 2)
  • Hard Cut Vol. 2
  • Dirty Woman Part 1
  • Dirty Woman Part 2
  • Euroticon No. 1
  • The Sarah Young Collection No. 4
  • Hard Cut Vol. 3
  • The Sarah Young Collection No. 2
  • Born for Porn

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