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Released: 1997
Notes: Evil Angel, American version,
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Starting titles credits include Kirstyn Churcher, Laura Turner, Kris Knews, Jean Eaves Le Castel and David Perry. Part of the problem with identifying the cast of Rocco's movies is the fact that the Italians who do the titles are not well versed in English spelling and grammar. This also leads to the various versions of the title of When Rocco Meet Kelly (sic).

Anja is picked up outside Buckingham Palace by Jean and Rocco. She is bribed to strip and have sex with Jean (anal). (Director's cut - Jean leads Anja into the kitchen and cracks eggs into a long glass and adds milk. Anja is on her back on the floor, arse in the air, legs back over her head. Holding the glass he fucks her arse, gets another bj and then pours the mixture into it and then fucks it again. He cums over her arse and pussy. He then fucks it again and gets another bj - A2M. He then pisses over her arse and then into her mouth. She asks Rocco if he will do the same. She gives him a bj, he cums into her mouth and then pisses in it. She appears to swallow some of it.) In the censored versions we just see the cumshots.

Laura Turner is picked up near Tower Bridge by Jean and Rocco, but it soon becomes her picking them up. She leads them to her boss, Kris Newz, and his Rolls limo. They drive off to Kirstyn Halborg's place in the country, evidently filmed in two parts as Laura has changed her knickers by the time they are outside London. They are introduced to Kirstyn and Omar, her groom.

Jean then encounters Sabrina Johnson in the tack room where their sex scene is interrupted by an angry Kirstyn. Lesbian scene follows, joined by Omar and then David Perry. A complicated sex scene follows including a DP for Sabrina and facials for both. (Director's cut - Jean and David Perry piss over Kirstyn's tits.) This is intercut with:

Rocco visits Laura Turner in her bedroom. She straps a dildo on her teddy bear and has sex with it while she fellates him. This is interrupted by Kris Newz who joins in and a DP ensues. Kris pushes Rocco off the bed when he tries to cum on Laura. Laura takes a facial from Kris. (Director's cut - he then drags her into the toilet and pisses on her face and she spits back at him.)

Rocco wanders around the outbuildings with his camera and encounters Naomi (St James). He questions her about her love life and she offers to take him to meet her boyfriend. This turns out to be a black pig in its sty (a large barn). This is claimed to be a boar but has teats! Naomi tries to masturbate for the pig, lying on the cobbled ground (it is dirty, partly covered with straw, but not absolutely covered in muck). Valentino arrives out of nowhere and makes her lick his shoes (after he has walked into the sty, though they seem quite clean) she then gobbles him and he fucks her, anal included. (Director's cut - Valentino pisses on Naomi's face.) After his facial, he invites Rocco to piss on her face which in the director's cut he does and she washes her face with it.

This scene is intercut with Lorraine Ansell serving breakfast to Jean and Omar. Groping leads to sex on the table including DP and double facial.

Kirstyn introduces two blondes (one is Lisa Stretton and the other is Danielle Mannaken) to Laura Turner who is to teach them and liberate them sexually. Four-way lesbian scene ensues. Chloe tries to "leave the room" but is made to piss on the floor by Laura (shown only in the director's cut). Milk and eggs etc. are then smeared on her and a strap-on is used.

Closing credits thank Kirstyn Churcher [Halborg], Lisa Ashleigh [Stretton], Cindy Tone [Lorraine Ansell], Chloe [Danielle Mannaken], Naomi [St James] and Sabine [Sabrina Johnson].

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