< Rocco More Than Ever in London

Released: 1997
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco More than Ever 2
  • Rocco piu che mai a Londra 2 DVD available EPM DVD, uncut
Notes and Reviews

This is the version released by Shiva in Europe with Dutch subtitles.

Titles credit Laura Turner, but Sabrina Johnson, Donna Warner, Nicky Platts and Hayley Russell also feature prominently, the first two taking double anals. Lisa Stretton and Naomi St James also appear.

Synopses I have seen imply that some of the scenes in this movie are in RMTE1. There appear to be different versions for different markets for all three films which were probably all filmed on the same occasion, perhaps at the same time as Buttman's British Extremely Big Tit Adventure.

  • Anja, tied up.
  • Sabrina Johnson, Omar and David Perry.
  • Anja and Jean Yves le Castel, anal, facial.
  • Laura Turner and her teddy bear.
  • Nicky Platts, Jean Yves le Castel and David Perry.
  • Laura Turner and Anja in the kitchen.
  • Donna Warner 'gang rape' (double anal), Kris News, David Perry, Jean Yves le Castel, Omar, Anja brought in by Laura Turner.
  • Rocco, Jean Yves le Castel, Sabrina Johnson (double anal) and Hayley Russell.
  • Full version of dungeon scene - Rocco goes down the steps to the cellar and finds Naomi St James inserting the unlit end of a lighted candle into Lisa Stretton's pussy. Lisa is wearing black rubber stockings. Donna Warner is writhing on the floor. David Perry is whipping Kirstyn Halborg's breasts. Laura Turner is apparently buggering Kris News (if only) with a strap-on. Kris is in drag and wearing a wig. Rocco is grabbed and cut to Rocco dressed in drag with long blonde wig. He is tied to the wall, scolded by Kirstyn and gagged. Then he is slapped by Donna Warner in pretend revenge for what he has had them do to her. David Perry fucks Lisa Stretton from behind. Naomi, wearing angel wings (!), attends to Laura also briefly tied to the wall. Laura is released and gives Rocco a bj. Kris pours vile-looking stuff over Rocco's mouth and it flows down his chest onto Laura, still sucking away. Kris then cuts away at Rocco's wig with scissors. Lisa and Donna are taken away from giving David perry a bj by Kirstyn who leads them over to Rocco. Some disturbances of sequence here occur in the editing as we next see Naomi and Donna giving Rocco a bj. Then Naomi and Lisa giving David Perry a bj. Donna, and then Lisa are dragged away to vomit (faked I assume) and the sick bucket (so labelled) is poured over Rocco and then water is poured over him while lying on the floor. He is tied up again and pegs are attached to his nipples and foreskin by Laura and his cock is slapped with pegs still attached. Donna teases him by kneeling in front of him with mouth open beneath his cock. Pissing is mentioned at this time but not seen. Laura blows Rocco, still tied against the wall, and then, in a perfect docking manoeuvre, Donna inserts his cock into her arse while Naomi is kissing him and, after we see Laura fucking Kirstyn with a strap-on, Naomi does the same as Donna. Laura gives Kris a bj and then he fucks her and she takes a facial. Donna and Naomi suck Rocco's cock (A2M) with Naomi taking the facial. Kirstyn approaches Rocco's cock with scissors and he wakes up from his nightmare, goes downstairs to tell Omar and Jean at the breakfast table that he is leaving.

Then comes a lengthy and bilingual disclaimer with the cast of the dungeon scene, dressed but in the dungeon, speaking to camera to emphasize that no one was forced to do what they did.

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