< Rocco's Private Fantasy 2

Released: 1998
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco Privat Fantasy 2 DVD available EPM DVD, on-screen title
  • Rocco Private Fantasy 2 DVD available DVD EPM
  • Rocco's Private Fantasies 3 European version?
Notes and Reviews

More Italian in the credits than usual, may be the director's cut (the term used for videos bought from Rocco's site).

Kelly (Stafford), Terri (Francesca Neeme), Paula (? - must refer to Natasha Grove), Lisa (Stretton), Ann-Marie (credited but not present).

  • Kelly Stafford teases Omar and takes him inside where he has a sex scene (including anal) with Natasha Grove in which Kelly encourages but does not actually become involved.
  • Rocco has a scene with an Italian (?) brunette in a bathroom including shaving and anal.
  • A scene with Omar and Fernando with a blonde Sonja (German based in London) follows including DP. They take her into the toilet and piss on her.
  • Francesca Neeme has a scene with David Perry including anal.
  • Kris Newz and Laura Turner pick up Rocco at the airport. She sucks off Rocco while being fucked by Kris in the car on the way back from the airport.
  • On arrival at Kirstyn's place, Laura has sex with Kris and David Perry while Rocco has sex with Lisa Stretton (including anal) outside the bedroom door.

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