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Released: 2001
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco Piacere Sadico DVD available Italy, EPM
Notes and Reviews

DVD Evil Angel version, 2001.

The DVD is interactive and has stills, chapter menu, fetish menu, extra footage, filmographies of three of the girls including Kelly Stafford.

Is this film a serious attempt to explore a sadomasochistic relationship, i.e. that of Rocco and Kelly, and to explore their attitudes to 'love', or is it an arty excuse to show lots of rough sex? Either way it is not the half-hearted effort that is all too common in porn. However, it is slightly unbalanced in that a more appropriate title would have been the one used on Rocco's site - De Sade's Way to Love - as the focus is not entirely on Rocco, and because most of the exposition is done by Kelly in conversation with Gabriel, so that there should probably be more scenes illustrating her attitudes to the way she likes being 'loved'.

The film begins with a classy title sequence showing 'Charenton, 1814' and pictures of de Sade and Rocco fading into one another. The camera pans through a library and shows de Sade's bound manuscript open on a table.

Credits follow, including 'written by Gabriel Zero, directed by Gabriel Zero and Rocco Siffredi'.

Kelly walks on a beach, cut to an emergency vehicle with siren wailing, cut to Kelly being pushed under the waves by a male hand to her throat. Then we see Kelly floating beneath the waves.

Flashback to a black and white scene, Paris, 2.00 am, in which Rocco is being interrogated by a female cop - 'Why did you kill her?.'

Flashbacks now explore Rocco's sexual attitudes and practices in colour.

Prague - a complex scene involving three girls (eventually), Rocco and two other men. Lots of spitting, slapping, squeezing of breasts and forcible deep throating. One girl gives Rocco a blowjob through her mask. Lots of anal and A2M. The third girl loses her mask for facials and cum swapping.

Sepia flashback to Gabriel and Kelly on the beach where he asks her why she likes being loved in this way - black and white flashback to Rocco and Kelly having rough sex in a shed. Kelly defends her attitudes referring to de Sade's way to love. She asks him to tell her a story ...

Rocco walks around with a camera in a London flat looking for the toilet and finds Ruth Farah in the kitchen. He gets a blowjob, but pissing is implied in the dialogue - he can't wait to find the toilet and asks to piss on her (!!). He gets her to strip and later a pool of water on the floor is evidence that he has pissed on her. He then fucks her doggy style and sticks his toe up her arse. She blows him again and sits back on the wet floor. Cut to the next room where Marie-Ann Young (Mary Foster in the credits, Zoe Young in the States) is with her boyfriend trying to persuade him to get involved in something more perverted than their usual sex. Cropped blonde Anoushka (Anoushka Maria in the credits, not a Brit but British-based) and a black male appear. She is wearing a spiked collar and takes the black guy into the kitchen, fishes out his cock and gets Ruth to suck it. While Anoushka goes to join Marie-Ann and her boyfriend, the black stud is fucking Ruth on the table. Marie-Ann licks Anoushka's pussy while her boyfriend licks her arse. Lesbian action follows while the male takes Anoushka from behind with a finger then a dildo up her arse. Ruth and the black stud are still at it - eventually there is a weak facial. Marie-Ann is fucked doggy style and then Anoushka takes a doggy anal while Marie-Ann sticks a dildo up her boyfriend's arse and rims him. A2M with dildo follows and then Anoushka uses the dildo on the boyfriend while he wanks and then is blown by Marie-Ann (thus another A2M). Lying on his back with dildo inserted, they wank him before he gets up to give a facial to Anoushka.

Back to the interrogation and then back to Kelly and Gabriel. Kelly has de Sade's book and refers to him killing a little girl because he loved her. Then cut to Rocco on the beach talking about Kelly's fantasies.

Back to colour for a scene with Rocco and a brunette being watched by another brunette through a window (the best looking girl in the picture). Then they allow her to join in - bjs, anal fingering, dildos, fingers up Rocco's arse, anal, A2M. A third girl has a dildo attached to an inflated ball and bounces up and down on it in the bathroom. Rocco fucks the third girl, anal, A2M. the second girl fetches the first - anal dildo, A2M, rimming. Facial for second girl.

Back to the interrogation. Then flashback to a car approaching a set of gates at night and illuminating Kelly in white underwear and stockings, black collar, tied spread-eagled to the gate. Rocco unties her and leads her by a chain attached to the collar onto what seems to be a beach and into a crowd of men wearing small masks. The scene is lit by car headlights. Kelly leans against a post and addresses the throng 'Do you want to cum on me and piss on me?' or words to that effect. She then goes round them all (too many to count) sucking them and wanking them off into her mouth and onto her face - her vigorous hand jobs make the facials much messier than they might otherwise have been and at times she breaks off to scoop and lick the excess off her breasts into her mouth. She swallows a lot of it - must have a cast iron stomach. There are some cuts when it seems a man is about to piss in her mouth. At the end she looks at the camera, presumably held by Rocco, and addresses him. She wants to 'get to the end', 'push herself to the limit'.

Cut to Rocco and Kelly in the shed. She lies on her stomach, legs closed, while he fucks her arse from above. Lots of slapping and spitting and at one point she gets him to stop, seemingly concerned he has broken her nose (no sign of it). She says to the camera 'I think you got Rocco like you never had him before.' He continues fucking her anally, doggy style, legs closed again saying 'Just tell me when you want me to stop'. This is obviously consensual but not necessarily erotic. She says she needs something to drink (pissing implied?). Missionary anal follows with A2M. 'Will you kill me?' she asks him.

Cut to interrogation - but is it Rocco who killed her? (I'm not going to tell you everything.)

The closing sequence is back in the shed with Rocco sitting and Kelly on the floor at his feet - or rather under his feet. He keeps her head down with his feet and leans over and spanks her.

The extra footage includes the Marie-Ann, Anoushka and Ruth scene with directorial instructions being heard from Rocco.

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