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Notes: Your Choice
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  • Filthy English Fuckers DVD available USA, Black Widow
Notes and Reviews

Your Choice compilation of new clips, mostly from previously unreleased Cameo collection vignettes.

  • Lesley Saye takes on two men. Cumshots over body.
  • Nikki is Nicky Pearce who looks very fine in her white stockings taking on a man on a bed. Cums over pussy.
  • Bev and Lara - Bev is Beverly Would, haven't seen Lara before. Now listed as Lara [2], she is an older brunette. Another scene where Bev's talents are wasted I'm afraid. She looks fantastic in this, but the camera doesn't linger on her enough and she is too often facing away from it in the action shots. She's only been used to good effect in a few of her appearances so far - Ben Dover, Cameo Collection, Strand - though I have high hopes of the next Fuck Truck release. The two dress up (Bev in a see-through red lacy number) and go out to a pub where they grope each other in the bar and are chatted up by two blokes, one black, one white, whom they take back to their place. They put on a lesbian show for the blokes and then they all have sex together on the same bed with partner swapping etc. Lara takes a facial from one and the other facial is shared.
  • Carly G and two men. Carly is another we should see more often.
  • Linzi I haven't seen before. m/f then m/m/f
  • Mel and Vicky. Assuming Vicky is the slimmer, younger and blonder of the two girls, then Vicky is Kerry Dickerson - a very welcome re-appearance. I haven't seen the older girl before. They parade in front of two men and ask them to choose who has who. The men ask to see a bit more of them first. They both give a blow job each then Kerry is fucked on the couch and the other girl on the floor. Shared facial.
  • Tracy I haven't seen before though I've got the vague feeling I should have done - listed as Tracy [12]. Like to see more of her in action with out so much messing about in the edit suite. Carly G makes a brief appearance in this scene too. Tracy is a model in a photo session which turns to sex with a male. There is lots of cutting back and forth between poses and sex.
  • Wendy is Wendy [1] - m/f on bed, squats to pee on the balcony, goes into the garden in a bikini and a bloke brings her an orange juice and rubs sun-tan cream on her, which leads to sex.
  • Bev is Beverley Cox. The scene starts with Bev and a bloke in the back of a car. The action then moves to the inside of a car workshop with two, then three, then four, then five men. This was filmed when she was still a brunette and more could (should) have been made of this scene as she looks great and a Bev Cox gang bang is not to be missed, though I notice that the DP seemed to be a failed attempt as the bloke underneath couldn't keep it in. (Not the first time this has been noticed in a Cameo Collection gang bang.) Then the scene moves to the office where she takes on four men.
  • Jamie and Nikkita - Jamie is Jamie Squire and we list Nikkita as Amber aka Nikkita. f/f/m. This looks like the scene in viewers Wives 16.
  • Sally [5] who appeared in Wanton Witch.

Additional scenes on DVD:

Lying on a bed, Nicky Pearce massages herself through her knickers while watched by two guys by the door. They join Nicky on the bed, stripping her to black stockings and suspenders and fuck her. Nicky takes a guy at each end in the usual positions. During missionary one guy pulls out to cum over Nicky's pussy and then returns his tool for a few more strokes while the second guy ends the scene by shooting over her bum.

Tarah and her friend are driving in the country when they pull off the road for sex. The weather is not good (judging by the thick clothes and waterproofs) so Tarah only partly strips in the back of the Volvo estate and spreads her legs to get fucked in missionary and doggy - including anal. The car is only a few yards from the road but it's a walker that watches them from a distance as Tarah's partner shoots over her bum.

Good collection. Enjoyed it.

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