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Released: 2002
Director: Kelly Stafford
Notes: see also Kelly's Way to Love 2
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco & Kelly 4 DVD available MMV
  • Rocco mai dire mai a Kelly Italy, EPM/Century
Notes and Reviews

Evil Angel DVD

The Night Trips and the R18 versions are called Kelly's Way to Love 2, but this is not quite the same film.

Kelly Stafford is credited as writer and director.

The movie begins with casting sessions in London, mostly conducted by Gabriel (whose English is much better than Rocco's) but increasingly interrupted by Rocco until they become full sex scenes.

Anoushka is interviewed and strips.

Chloe [6] - her interview is interrupted by Rocco, who asks her about drinking piss and it sounds as if she might be willing to try it. Rocco gropes her breasts and pussy and gets a blow job to a cumshot in the mouth.

Zoe Young (as Mary) is next and Rocco gropes and gets a bj. He briefly fucks her doggy style, but there is no cumshot.

Melissa Walker (as Louisa, though in her scene later in the video Rocco calls her Melissa) says she has not done b/g on camera before. She plays up well to Rocco's banter, but there is no action - yet.

Rebecca Lee (credited as Flick Shagwell but this name is not mentioned on video) and Arran are interviewed together - Rocco says she looks like Laura Turner and asks after her. She gives Arran a blowjob.

Michaela (listed as Elizabeth Pearly) is interviewed in Italian and is groped by Rocco.

There is more casting footage in the extras including extra footage of the Melissa Walker and Rebecca Lee sessions and the casting interview of Claire Kiernan - she gives this name on camera. Her accent is impenetrable to them, but they are fascinated by the hair on her arms - and elsewhere!

The last casting session is that of Emma [16] which turns into a full-blown sex scene. Rocco apologises to her at the end and explains that he has been getting so turned on by the casting sessions. He conducts the interview himself, unlike the other casting sessions, and goes down on her and frigs her while holding the camera. Gabriel comes in to take over the camera and Rocco fucks her, then inserts fingers up her arse before fucking that. Reverse cowgirl vaginal and anal follows, the latter while he fingers her clit. He then fucks her in the missionary position on a chair and while he is doing this a black stud (Long Dark) comes in to the room and is asked to join in. He gets a blow job then they swap places. Rocco cums in her mouth and then Long Dark does the same. Emma doesn't seem to mind though she does say she wasn't really prepared, I presume mentally, for the scene.

We then get to the film proper.

Michaela and Tony de Serghio turn up at a room where Pascal is watching Claire Kiernan dress. Pascal lets them in and Tony sees Pascal there (as well as another bloke) and makes to leave, but Michaela persuades him to stay. Tony and Michaela then have sex. Claire comes into the room and frigs herself while watching, but the other two blokes then start on her and she takes them both on at once. Various partner swaps follow. Claire does anal and Michaela A2M. Zoe Young then arrives and the three men slowly advance on her cocks erect. They all get bjs. Meanwhile Claire has disappeared (unfortunately). More three-on-two combinations follow until Tony cums into Michaela's mouth over Zoe's bum and Pascal cums over Zoe's tits for Michaela to lick it up.

Kelly Stafford meets Rocco at the Tower of London and takes him to meet her friend Ann (Liz). Kelly then leaves her friend in Rocco's tender care and he takes her off to some luxury dockland apartment to meet Remigio where she plays the submissive to a stud she towers over. This is the only scene which features anything approaching rough stuff (by Rocco and Kelly standards that is). There is a bit of mild CP and a lot of ordering about. Her panties are stuffed in her mouth. The actual sex includes blowjobs, titty fucking and anal (cowgirl, RC and spoon). She takes a facial while sitting on the toilet, but was it necessary to flush it over her head? I really don't see why that turns anyone on.

The last scene features Melissa Walker and Ruth Farah. Rocco meets Melissa by the Thames and they walk off through a park. At one point he walks behind her and lifts her skirt to frig her. They arrive at a flat to find Ruth and Tony. Melissa sits on Rocco's lap to give Tony a blow job and Ruth watches. The sex action mainly involves Melissa (including anal) but Ruth does get involved. Melissa takes both the cumshots in her mouth.

The closing credits show footage of Ann giving Rocco and Gabriel blowjobs before Rocco says 'Enough playing. Now we must shoot.'

The DVD includes the usual Evil Angel extras - chapter menu, fetish menu, extra footage, filmographies (Evil Angel ones), photo gallery, etc.

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