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Released: 2003
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Another generous helping of porn action from Johnny Rebel as he continues to release all his video material. Stills from all of the scenes have been available on the web for a while. Once again John thoroughly enjoys himself shagging the cream of the UK's porn actresses with solid support from Karl Kincaid. Every girl takes it up the bum and the action is all clearly lit and shot by John & Karl.

Bonnie Heart appears in the first scene with Ian Tate, shot in what look's like John Mason's spare room. Ian and Bonnie undress each other and get down to the action which includes sex in all positions including, of course, anal. The scene ends with Ian pulling out of Bonnie's bum and shooting over her torso.

John Mason introduces Melissa Walker who is sitting, naked, next to him on the studio bed. Melissa undresses John and the action begins starting with a revealing reverse cowgirl. Melissa, kneeling, resumes sucking John's cock, then Karl gets into shot and has his cock sucked too. Karl now has a turn with Melissa doggy style and the rest of the scene sees the guys swapping the camera and positions with John getting the anal action which finishes with his trademark wank from Melissa. Karl then follows with another doggy position which ends the scene when he pulls out of Melissa's pussy and fills her bum with cum.

The third scene starts with a naked Mel undressing John then the action moves to the bed. As Mel is being shagged doggy style, cameraman Karl's cock comes into shot and gets a sucking. Then it's Karl's turn to have a go and Mel swaps partners for the rest of the scene. Karl comes first over Mel's face then Mel gives John a hand-job.

Without much preamble, Jenny and big black Calvin get down to action on the bed in a scene that was almost certainly shot at the same time as her scene with John in X-rated auditions. As usual, Jenny enthusiastically attacks the male member and vigorous sex ensues just between the two of them ending with a copious facial.

John introduces an already nude Sammi in her bedroom and after some brief foreplay the sexual action begins. They have already reached an anal reverse cowgirl before Karl's member appears in shot. Karl then takes over anal duty and Sammi obligingly sucks John's cock when back in reverse cowgirl anal with Karl. The anal action continues until John is brought off by hand then Karl repeats his earlier trick of fucking Sammi's pussy doggy style then pulling out and filling her bum with spunk, all captured in close-up.

Finally, back in John's studio, Alicia is down from Manchester for a shagging. This follows the established format of John starting with Karl joining in later. Alicia is as enthusiastic as ever as the action switches between the two guys, who in this case always remain separate. There is extensive anal here and after John's hand relief Karl provides a good facial.

If you're a fan of anal sex this is a chance to see half a dozen Brit girls in hard action. And for collectors, less common performances by Miss V and Sammy.

Review by Bayleaf

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