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Released: 2003
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
Alternate Titles
  • Jerome Tanner's Romantic Movie?
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 78 mins.

Ashley Long appears with the American stars Brittney Skye and Phoenix Ray in this plot-based movie. A couple are viewing four scenarios for a 'Romantic' movie. These include a girl who gets fucked up the arse in a full restaurant on her first date and a girl who finds her boyfriend wanking in the bathroom over a porn mag (neither very romantic).

Ashley appears in the fourth scene. She is dressed like an Alpine milkmaid and Lee Stone, who is dressed as a swashbuckling pirate, has a sword fight with her husband and eventually runs him through. Set in a medieval castle this may have been passable, but in a Californian mansion cluttered with 21st century gadgets? Anyway, grieving Ashley does what any newly widowed girl would do ... drops her dress and stands with her legs open to let Lee suck her pussy. As she lies on a marble table, Lee forces three fingers into Ashley's bum then three more into her pussy as he licks at her clit. Dropping in front of Lee, Ashley wraps her lips round his cock then jerks her head down the shaft till it's deep down her throat. She then slips his dick into her pussy cowgirl. Standing on one leg with the other on Lee's shoulder, Ashley's pussy gets pounded. The pair fall to the floor where humping continues missionary. Lee pulls out to fire his load into Ashley's open mouth.

Unfortunately this movie is not romantic, the plot is poor and the dialogue dire. Though the sex scenes are good and nicely shot the film is pitifully short at 78 minutes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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