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Released: 2003
Notes: Rude Britannia / One Eyed Jack
Alternate Titles
  • Terryvision's Real Couples 1
Notes and Reviews

I don't know enough about the private lives of the performers to know for sure whether all of them are real life couples, but in three cases they certainly act like it. There are four fairly lengthy scenes. Apart from Shaz's scene, in a hotel, the rest are filmed naturally at home, between people who seem familiar with each other in contrast to the occasionally frantic performances of those thrown together for an hour under studio lights. That's not to say the sex is strong and hard. Angel is one of the UK's most prolific pornstars and the rest turn in performances as good as I've seen.

Filthy Shaz, as she styles herself, starts in the back of a car being taken to a hotel to meet Terry's black mate sometimes known as Mr Slurpy. Shaz changes from her combat daywear into black fishnets and the shagging begins. On the table, the bed, the armchair, the dressing table, Shaz is fucked all over the place. And the frantic sex ends with a very messy facial. For someone with a high profile there's not a lot of Shaz's stuff out on video so this is very welcome.

At home with the Foxes. Frazer and Angel shag all over their lounge. Fortunately they have one of those strong, Mexican rustic-style coffee tables, as this is where a lot of the fucking takes place. Sex in all positions before Angel takes a break for some mineral water, then anal in all positions on the table. Breathtaking stuff. Eventually Frazer shoots into Angel's mouth, which she then transfers to Frazer's. The practice I believe is called snowballing, but it's the first time I've seen it done between a girl and a guy. Amazing.

James and Candice are at home looking through the family photo album. Candice in the park, Candice as a schoolgirl, Candice at home, the usual stuff except that in most shots she's got her tits out or fanny on display. As James sits in a sunny conservatory, Candice looks stunning in a long floral print dress, which she slips off and joins James on the sofa for sex. The action here is slowly paced and includes periods of cuddling, but is no less erotic for it. The scene ends when Candice, sitting on the coffee table, wanks James off with her feet. James bends forward to lick the cum off her legs then Candice bends her long limbs to her face as she licks her feet. Candice has never looked better. Magic.

Brad and Debbie (now as a brunette) are also looking through their digital library, showing Terry some of Debbie's professional work. However this does include a video sequence of Brad peeing into a sick bag on a flight to Germany. The particularly dirty action here takes place down in the woods. As Debbie and Brad undress they both pee on the leaf mould before putting a blanket on the ground. After some oral the action moves to a fallen tree where they have sex then standing from behind. Debbie finally takes her t-shirt off and allows herself to be tied to a tree, her hands being secured with gaffer tape so that she's hugging the trunk. Brad adds a strip of tape over her mouth and moves round the back. As the sex begins the tape has come adrift, probably out of respect to the film censors, but this is still a very sexy scene and, understandably, leads to a cumshot. Breathtaking.

Review by Bayleaf

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