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Released: 1996
Director: Marc Dorcel
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Amnesia USA
Notes and Reviews

Laure Sinclair has amnesia and wakes up in the mansion of Christophe Clark who intends to make her the perfect mistress and sell her to a rich Texan.

But first we see Leah Martini taking on two men in succession.

As the first stage of her training Laure is brought downstairs to a party where Leah, Anita Dark, Hannah (Hungarian Krisztina Schwarz, though Your Scene claim this is Fiona Cooper's Josephine), Olivia del Rio and various males are present. Maria Glasgow comes downstairs, stripping off as she goes and has sex with man in front of the rest of the guests. Some of these masturbate, frig each other and Hannah has sex with Christophe, but the focus of attention is Maria Glasgow here.

Then Laure is initiated into lesbian sex by Maria Glasgow and Olivia del Rio while Christophe watches.

Various perverse sexual events follow:

Laure is blindfolded and sucks off and has sex with a man, including anal, thinking he is Christophe and then finds he is not. Hannah and Olivia del Rio watch and Olivia del Rio sucks off Christophe.

Christophe wakes up Laure and takes her downstairs to where Olivia del Rio is having sex with a man on a chair. Laure is made to take over from Anita.

Olivia del Rio has sex with Christophe doggy style against a table while another man watches through a window, Hannah crouches beneath licking balls and pussy and sucks his cock - A2M and facial for Hannah.

Hannah is fucked by a woodcutter while Laure watches.

Hannah has sex with a woodcutter who cums over her bum. Laure watches for a while.

Hannah discovers the silhouette of Laure giving a blowjob to Christophe behind a sheet hanging across a corridor. After a brief wank she goes behind the sheet and joins in. Both girls do anal and share a facial.

Laure is accosted by two men in the woods, runs way into a stable, faints, and has sex with a man.

Olivia del Rio and Hannah bring Laure into a room with a table then invite a man in to have sex with her. Then they invite another to join in. This ends in a DP for Laure. Christophe comes into the room to watch.

Finally all are present when Laure is to be presented to the Texan. She is ushered in and begins to have sex with him. The other members of the cast watch and have sex with each other, though we mainly see Leah and Maria with some involvement by Olivia del Rio and Anita Dark.

But in the end Christophe turns down the million dollars offered for Laure by the Texan as he has fallen in love with her.

This is actually an erotic film. It has a story, but the story is about sex. The French seem to realise that you cannot make an erotic film and make a Hollywood action thriller blockbuster at the same time.

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