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Released: 2004
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Sperma Gauner DVD available Germany, Tabu Love
Notes and Reviews

Relish stick to their winning formula of individual scenes linked with a common theme and female voiceover to introduce each one. The jaunty incidental music strikes a humorous note which is never really developed in the scenes.

Hardly a rogue, milkman Jay Scarman takes a couple of bottles round to housewife Angel-Long's kitchen. Angel hasn't quite finished getting dressed but that doesn't matter 'cos her knickers are soon off anyway. Jay strips; once Angel has sucked him hard he takes her on the work surface then on the floor. Sitting Angel back on the work surface he pushes his cock up her bum and from time to time she drops down to suck his cock between insertions. Eventually it's one suck too many and he comes over her face.

Alicia Rhodes has trouble in her bathroom so she's called in plumber Ian Tate (Dirty Dog) and his mate Paul who, having fixed her boiler, want paying. Finding herself short of the readies she offers payment in kind and soon the guys have their pipes sticking out. Alicia services both guys with her usual enthusiasm, taking both guys up the pussy and the arse before taking cowgirl DPs (both ways) on the floor. At the end of the scene the guys cover her face in spunk.

Door to door saleswoman Tia Sassoon calls on sceptical Sadie Leech offering a life-changing experience. This turns out to be a very large clear plastic dildo with handle grip and enormous bell end. Tia offers to demonstrate and slips off her trousers to take the monster. After a while Tia fucks Sadie with the dildo before it's returned to her pussy for very deep and vigorous doggy penetration.

Mark Sloan (PK) needs his car fixed and under the railway arches he finds mechanic Michelle Barrett. Less interested in his motor than his tool, Michelle soon has Mark's cock in her mouth. Mark then removes her tight T shirt and trousers, hoists her on to the bonnet and sticks his cock into her. The athletic sex continues doggy across the bonnet, reverse cowgirl, then particularly deep as Michelle rests on a spare car seat with legs in the air as Mark plunges in to the hilt from above. For the final facial, an otherwise naked Michelle dons a pair of welder's goggles. Superb action from real pros.

TV repairman Simon is having trouble fixing Angie George's set. While he fiddles about Angie leaves the room and her houseguest Robyn (Ebony [2]) enters, wrapped just in a towel. Robyn is obviously a handful and she and Simon are embracing on the sofa in no time at all. After licking and fingering Robyn's pussy he has her lips clamped around his cock when Angie returns. Feigning shock, Angie soon starts to suck Simon's cock which leads to Robyn getting fucked on the sofa in spoons with Angie sucking between insertions. Angie, still wearing her stockings and skirt, takes Simon doggy style then reverse cowgirl before, in a heap of writhing bodies, Simon pumps over Robyn's pussy.

Top quality production, which is only to be expected from Relish, with fine performances from established girls like Alicia and Angel plus Angie and Michelle who have relatively few native performances. Black girl Robyn is a real find, slim, fit and gagging for it. Seen previously with Alicia in Pop Shots. Worth it for any one scene ... but for me? Michelle's tits busting out of her tight white t shirt with her face and arms smeared with grease - a real dirty girl!

Review by Bayleaf

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