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Released: 2004
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

A case of doing what it says on the tin, this is a mix of girl-girl or boy-girl scenes.

Poppy, in denim skirt, and Alicia, in white dress, start things off sitting side by side on the sofa. Nice kissing, licking, fingers and dildos as the girls rearrange each other's clothing. After a while they get out a large double ender which they lick but don't use in anger.

The second scene features Keira and Tony Uttley with Janca and Lee Henshaw on a big double bed. They all undress (apart from Keira's frilly black top) and after a little foreplay sex begins in spoons for both couples. Then it's fucking and swapping in most positions ending with facials.

Kellemarie sits on the studio sofa in purple velvet bra and pants. She's alone but it doesn't matter cos she's got her razor for company. After giving her pubes a trim she gets going with a purple dildo while waiting for Alicia. Both girls pleasure each other with a purple double-ender before Kellemarie retires, leaving Alicia to bend the dildo into both her own holes.

Short Lexi Martinez solo, dressed in black pants, top and biker boots. Uses pink dildo on herself with much noise.

Pascal and Poppy Morgan are together on a bed, she undresses and is fucked by Pascal until he cums over her belly.

Threeway on the sofa between Alicia, Lexi and Kellemarie. Outfits, as previously described, are discarded apart from bras for Alicia and Lexi.

Alicia is alone on the sofa with a space-age dildo. The battery has died so she calls Ian Tate who brings his own tool and fucks her. Deep action (with condom), reverse cowgirl anal and ends with facial.

Not particularly long at just over 90 minutes, not particularly exciting, not particularly interesting. Nothing wrong, well shot, lovely girls, just not particularly worth buying.

Review by Bayleaf

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