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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Ten girls get their bums plundered by Pascal, Tony and Johnny Rebel himself in this fucking marathon which clocks in at just 20 minutes short of 4 hours. John assembles a wide range of talent from the young and hesitant Siobhan and Susie to the bold and brassy DJ and Vixen. No fancy camerawork or lighting, just plain clean fucking with every girl getting a full length up the bum. John's fans will love it, others will wonder why they do. But nobody does value for money porn like JR, a whole afternoon's-worth for around £25. Amazing.

Amazon starts on the sofa giving Pascal White's cock a good suck, then gets her pussy licked in return. There's plenty of tongue-to-tongue action as both performers seem particularly eager to fuck - which they do. Vigorous face to face penetration is followed by reverse cowgirl and the rest. Then the pair return to the first position and do it all again up Amazon's bum followed by a good facial.

Siobhan, pale and dark-haired, kisses Pascal on the bed as he removes her skirt and top then she sucks his cock. Pascal removes her black pants, briefly licks her pussy and fucks her in spoons. The action here is less intense than the first scene but the pair cover all the positions leading on to highly visible anal in spoons. Siobhan hangs her head off the bed for the money shot as Pascal manages to get his spunk right up her nose. The scene ends in laughter as Pascal joins Siobhan on the bed to examine her cum-covered face, but he baulks at kissing her messy lips.

The third scene finds Pascal between Asian girls Anais and Mimi. While Anais has only black pants on, which come off almost immediately, Mimi wears black holdups and a dress. Both girls suck Pascal's cock before he plunges into Anais on the sofa. While Pascal attends to Anais the girls attend to each other and this continues when its Mimi's turn to accommodate Pascal's member. Both girls stick their pert little bums in the air as Pascal fucks first Anais' arse then Mimi's. More anal for Anais in spoons and reverse cowgirl followed by a joint facial.

DJ, in some nice pink underwear, sucks cock on a bed while Pascal fingers her pussy. Her bra and pants are quickly removed and she lays bare to have her pussy licked then fucked. Good hard, noisy sex follows with deep anal in doggie, spoons and missionary, finishing with Pascal shooting over DJ's belly.

Julia is another older curvy lady who starts by snogging Pascal on a bed before quickly moving on to his cock. Pascal removes her clothes and after some quick attention to her pussy, fucks her hard in all positions. Returning to missionary, Pascal slips his cock deep up Julia's bum while she massages her clit, bringing herself off while maintaining eye contact with Pascal. More anal in doggy followed by Pascal wanking over Julia's face while she continues to wank herself.

Tiffany, in red bra and pants, is eager to undress Pascal then she takes his cock in her mouth on the sofa. After some enthusiastic sucking Pascal pushes her back and fucks her face to face. Some hard and athletic sex ends with anal in doggy, spoons and missionary as a very flushed Tiffany gets a fine shagging. Eventually Pascal pulls out and sprays over Tiffany's flat belly and little tits.

Tony Uttley has the pleasure of fucking Susie on the sofa. As usual the pair undress completely while Susie sucks Tony's cock then, after 69, Tony fucks Susie deep and hard in most positions. Sticking her pert little bum in the air, Tony slips his long slim cock right up her arse. His cock is right up her arse again in reverse cowgirl before Susie kneels and gets a very messy facial.

In an unusual scenario Poppy joins Johnny Rebel Mason on a sofa (he usually prefers a bed) and sucks his cock. John fucks her in most positions before fucking her bum on the carpet doggy style and reverse cowgirl back on the sofa. Poppy then expertly wanks and sucks John to a climax back on the sofa.

John also wraps up the programme by fucking Claire Kiernan/Scotti on a bed. Plenty of oral foreplay and 69 before John fucks her in spoons, cowgirl and doggy where he changes holes. More anal in spoons. Scene concludes with wank to climax.

Review by Bayleaf

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