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Running time: 149 mins.

This compilation film contains a dozen British girls plus the Czech Silvia Saint in 11 short 10 to 12 minute scenes shot from the late 90s onwards. The scenes cover a variety of styles from the 'Home Made' front room stuff shot on a camcorder to professionally produced productions with elaborate sets and special effects, so there is something for every taste.

Carly G is wandering around the sex shops of Amsterdam, in a tight black top, yellow mini and boots, looking for toys. In one shop she spots just what she has been looking for and, removing her knickers, she sits on the counter to try it out. The guys in the shop gather round to watch, their cocks out, as Carly pumps the plastic in her pussy. Now she can have the real thing, Carly drops the toy to suck on the guys, then slides her pussy over one of their cocks. The man in her mouth cums quickly over her body and Carly leans forward, spunk dripping off her boobs, to be taken from behind. With the second guy firing over her back, Carly fucks number 3 on a swivel chair, bouncing up and down till he coats her pussy in cream.

Flicking through the TV channels, Tarah finds nothing to watch so she invites a friend round for a drink. He turns up with two mates and all three are soon fingering Tarah's fanny. With one lad's cock in her mouth, the other two take turns fucking her pussy and arse. One of the lads pops his load over Tarah's back then has to leave. The remaining two DP Tarah then spray her in jizz.

Carly is reading a horror book when she falls asleep. In her dreams her white-clad body is carried by four masked monks to a large bed where they drip water on her pussy then massage oil into her tits and pussy. One of the monks licks her pussy as she sucks and plays with the others. She is then shagged by the four in the pussy then the arse. Even though the guys cover her with their cream they continue to fuck her, cumming again and again, showering Carly in spunk.

Jeanny (as Lisa) is sitting in her black lingerie and stockings on a red sofa with Dick Nasty. She leans over to give him a blow job which quickly turns into a 69. With Dick lying back, Lisa impales her pussy on his prick, thrusting down with her hips. The pair roll over and Lisa is being taken up the bum when Georgette enters in a long white dress. She soon joins in the action, having her pussy sucked then, bending over, is fucked from behind as she tongues at Lisa's lips. The girls swap places, Lisa riding again on Dick's cock till he is ready to cum. Lisa takes the load in her mouth and shares it with Georgette.

Blonde Mel removes her black knickers to show Omar her pierced clit, a long stud runs straight through her hood. She then pulls down her bra to show her pierced nipples which Omar sucks. Andy appears, dropping his pants to reveal a Prince Albert. Mel flicks at the cock ring with her tongue. Omar sees if Mel's piercing effects her sensitivity and slips his prick deep into her pussy as she sucks on Andy, he then moves for some anal action. Mel tastes her juices from Omar as Andy fucks her. Both boys then cum over her face.

Andrea, Michelle and Sandra are in a seedy cinema watching a porn movie, but they are more interested in the guys than what's on the screen. The girls wank and suck at the patrons as they get their pussies finger fucked. Two of the girls decide to put on a lesbian show, munching on minge and tonguing each other while the guys in the front row sit with their cocks out. One of the three works the auditorium, sucking cock and riding a guy in the front row reverse cowgirl as she plays with her pussy. The guys show their appreciation by covering her in cream. Another of the girls takes a bloke to the gents where she pisses on him as he plays with his prick. He cums over her stocking clad legs.

Bev Cocks is stripped and sunbathing in a woodland glade when she is spotted by a hiker. Dropping to his knees he licks and laps at her pussy then slips his fingers into her wet hole while she sucks on his dick. The couple fuck, missionary at first then Bev turns onto her hands and knees to be taken doggy-style. Bev wants the hiker to cum on her face and gets what she asked for.

The next scene sees Carly back in Amsterdam wandering the streets in a black lace top and tight blue pants. She enters a club where she ends up naked on the stage simulating sex. Pretending is not enough so Wendy and a second guy are invited up to join Carly on the stage. Trembling with pleasure, Carly has her pussy sucked as she feasts on cock. The two girls get the guys to lie and slipping down on their cocks they bounce in unison. Kissing and fondling each other they are then filled from behind. A third guy then joins in the fun. The fucking and sucking continues in an orgy of flesh on the stage which ends when Carly gets her face coated in man juice.

Dressed in black leather trousers and a beret, Claire is ready to take on the might of the British Army. She strips to her camouflaged underwear and hangs her hat on the soldier's cock as he fingers her pussy. Lying back with her legs open she is ready to take his dick. Her eyes bulge and she screams as the soldier jabs in his private. Turning, Claire's bum twitches as she is fucked doggy style. She then props herself up to be taken missionary. Pulling out, the solider fires his load, shooting spunk into Claire's mouth.

KT has gone for some riding lessons with Mario but there's not a horse in sight. She drops her pink dress to reveal red spotty bra and knickers which are eased to one side so she can gallop up and down on Mario's member. Having exercised cowgirl, KT bends over, pulling her bum cheeks apart to be ridden up the arse, Mario's balls slapping her as he bonks. With Mario on his back, KT rolls her hips to slip his dick back in her bum, her boobs bouncing as she works. KT wanks at Mario's cock till he cums on her face.

The last scene also features KT, this time with Silvia Saint, Frank Gun and Lee. Meeting Silvia in the street with Frank Thring the three enter a cafe for a quick drink. The two girls then head back to a Prague flat where the boys are waiting. KT gives Frank Gunn a blow job as Silvia has photos taken before she joins the two for some cock sucking action. Bending forward Silvia has her arse fucked, KT lending a hand on her pussy. Lee offers his dick which goes straight into Silvia's mouth. Pushing Silvia onto her shoulders, Frank pile drives her bum as Lee wanks over her face. Both guys cum, KT licking the jizz off Silvia's cheeks.

Though the scenes are short, this compilation film has a little something for everyone with a decent mix of girls including a number who you don't often see. Some of the earlier stuff may appear dated but it doesn't affect the action in any way. A good film to dive into and watch a couple of scenes at a time.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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