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Released: 2005
Notes and Reviews

Chantelle and Chloe Stevens wander through Soho at dusk. The screen abruptly goes blank until someone flicks the interior lights of the mobile home on and reveals several clothed bodies squeezed inside. Quite what is going on is largely a matter of conjecture as the two Community Support Officers ease their trousers down and apparently get their cocks sucked by the twins. Apart from a very brief glimpse of one girl's tits and an erect cock this scene could feature in The Bill. It's just too dark and the camera too discreet to see anything meaningful in a scene that's just six and a half minutes long. There are fleeting glimpses of the officers' faces - certainly enough for a positive id - and the radio crackles as the controller wonders where his staff are.

At the end Marino is surprised the girls opted for fellatio over a quick squeeze of their tits and asks "Did anyone get their numbers...?"

Of interest only because of the media furore.

Review by Bayleaf
February 2006

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