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Released: 2006
Director: Jay Kennedy
Notes: JK Productions / Wrist Action Entertainment
Alternate Titles
  • Real Punting 2: Working Girls In Action!
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Jay Kennedy

Another compilation of scenes taken from Jay Kennedy's Real Punting website and given an R18 release in top digital quality. The format is pretty much the same, incall or outcall, Jay (or Joel/Chuck Starr) has an extended (or very extended) interview followed by some very satisfying sex.

In the first scene Jay meets Christie in a Nottingham hotel. Christie is an extremely attractive and articulate blonde woman in her late twenties who admits to having modelled and performed in (amateur) adult films. Dressed in sheer black dress, pink underwear and black stockings, she leads Jay to the bed. After stripping Jay, Christie, now down to her stockings and suspenders, sucks Jay's cock and uses vibrators on herself. Christie doesn't do full sex but at the end of the scene, and fully naked, she gives Jay a great bj.

Chuck Starr is spoiling himself by booking two girls to come to his Birmingham hotel room. They turn out to be Jennifer and her equally stunning friend Nina, both wearing little black dresses. Over a glass of wine the girls chat to Chuck then start to undress him and lick his cock. Moving to the bed the girls give a little girl-girl show while stripping to their black stockings and include the disappearing double-ender in their routine. Chuck joins them on the bed and, hats off to the Chuck, fucks them both in a variety of positions ending by cumming over their tits.

Jay has booked Sahara and the scene opens with the pair having a candid chat about asian sex and escorting experiences in a perfectly natural way. This is really quite interesting so it's with some suprise that Jay opens Sahara's blue dress and starts sucking her tits. Stripping her to just hold-up stockings, Jay finger Sahara's pussy then fucks her on the bed in doggy and missionary before cumming spectacularly over her face.

Next, Jay has travelled to Rochdale to meet the youthful looking Trinity and try her speciality uniform roleplay. For the R18 release the word sch**lg*rl has been blooped, but when Trinity returns in short skirt, shirt, tie and socks that's exactly what Jay gets. Now Mr Kennedy has a keen understanding of fantasy, so Trinity needs only to pull her white panties aside to get fucked on her bed in cowgirl and doggy before reaching for the lube and fucking her up the bum. Scene ends with facial.

Before the final scene Jay runs an onscreen warning to the effect that the following interview runs for 14 minutes. It's worth resisting the temptation to fast-forward as Jay has a genuine chat with parlour girl Sian of Leicester about her experiences. Then Jay, lying naked on the bed, gets a massage from Sian as the conversation continues. Sian is a relatively plain looking girl but she has a neat body and knows exactly how to use it. After the baby-oil massage, Jay fucks Sian (at her request) doggystyle and it's clear she's a girl who enjoys her work. In missionary she asks Jay to squeeze her nipples, clearly not designed to enhance Jay's pleasure. At the end Sian gives Jay his reward by wanking him into her mouth.

The DVD has two nice little extra scenes. In the first, Sahara has stayed on and gets out the pvc skirt, bra and boots, to show her dominant side by giving a naked Jay a few strokes with the whip. No more penetrative sex but the treatment peps Jay up enough for another pop over Sahara's toes.

The second scene is by way of a promo for 20 year old Trinity's services. She undresses in her bedroom giving her pussy and arse a workout with a decent-sized silver vibrator and allowing the viewer to see all of her small hard body.

In this series, and indeed on the website, Jay presents a series of encounters with working girls that come over as the most natural thing in the world. With the whole DVD being a little under three hours long the extended interviews don't seem to get in the way of the fucking. And Jay is a big lad so the sex is always satisfying for all parties. Master of gonzo Terry Stephens is behind the production but these scenes have an unnerving authenticity even for Terry. Really, very good stuff.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

Running time 144 minutes + 24 minutes bonus scenes.

The idea behind Jay's film is simple. He travels the country inviting 'working' girls to his hotel and filming them in action. Each scene follows the same basic format, Jay doing a brief introduction then a chat with the girl before the action starts. Some of his intros and chats do, however, go on for quite some time.

The first girl invited to his hotel room is beautiful blonde Christie who runs her own web site. As they chat the camera pans up and down her black sheer dress. She flashes the tops of her stockings. The two move to the bed, Christie peeling off her dress and undoing her pink bra so Jay can suck on her nipples. Removing her panties, Christie shows her silky smooth pussy, the result of hours of laser treatment. She sits on his face and Jay is impressed. She falls forward and the pair 69. Christie has a special treat for Jay, her high heels and stockings off she gives him a foot job with her diminutive size 3 feet. As she wanks away with her instep, she lets him use a toy on her pussy. The scene ends with Christie taking Jay in her mouth. His spunk dribbles over her fingers as she wanks him.

Joel has booked two girls to turn up at his Midland hotel room. When he open the door the blondes Jade (Jennifer) and Nina enter. Taking their coats the girls sit in their sexy black dresses and sip wine, their fingers slowly unbuttoning Joel's shirt. They kiss and drop to the floor licking and lapping at his cock and balls. Joel gets a little too excited and asks if they do girl-on-girl. In a flash the pair are on the bed kissing and easing down each other's dresses, their tongues exploring each other's soft skin. Nina sucks on Jade's pert nipples making them hard and erect. She moves down her body, lapping her pussy through her black knickers. Opening her bag, Jade produces a double-ended toy. The girls slide along each end, grinding their pussies together. Joel joins in to finger their wet cunts, Nina crouches over his condom-covered cock and slips her self down as Jade runs her fanny over his face. Both of the girls get a chance to try his man meat between their legs. Finally he is ready to cum... but what a disappointment - only a few drops on cream over the girls tits.

Jay is next visited by Ayesha (Sahara Knite). She sits in her blue wrap-round dress for the normal lengthy chat. The couple kiss, Jay running his hands up Ayesha's stocking clad legs then he undoes the tie on her dress. It falls away and he starts sucking her tits. Dropping her knickers, Ayesha moves to the bed where Jay explores every fold and crease in her pussy lips with his tongue. His trousers down, the pair 69, her tongue running up and down his shaft. Jay asks which way Ayesha prefers. She moves onto all fours to be taken doggy, slamming herself against his dick. The two roll over and, pulling her pussy open, Ayasha is fucked missionary, then cowgirl. Wanting his spunk over her face Ayesha jerks Jay off.

Flat chested Trinity is Jay's next port of call, but rather than use a hotel he visits her home in Rochdale. During the chat Trinity reveals she gets dressed up for guys. She pops out and returns as the naughty sixth former in her uniform. Unzipping his pants, she wraps her lips around his knob, squeezing his balls as she sucks. Jay slips his fingers into her white knickers. Expertly using her mouth to roll a condom down his cock, Trinity then stands astride Jay and slowly sinks down on his shaft and he undoes her blouse to suck on her tiny tits. They turn over and the bed squeaks and bangs againt the wall as Trinity is taken doggy, Jay spanking her cheeks as they shag leaving them rosy red. He sticks his finger in her arse and asks if she likes it - yes but his cock would be better. This naughty girl is hungry for spunk. Emptying Jay's cock over her tongue, Trinity swallows and smiles.

The final scene with Sian starts with a mammoth 14-minute introduction and chat. She sits in her white furry jacket and ripped jeans telling her story. Stripped to her white basque and knickers she offers Jay a body massage. Covering him in baby oil, she pays particular attention to his cock, using both her fingers and tongue. Stripped, she asks to be fucked doggy, her favourite position. Jay plays with her hanging boobs as they hump. Lying on her back she is taken missionary. Sian wants her nipples nipped, it adds to her excitement. Finally Sian brings Jay off in her mouth... a job well done.

The DVD also include two bonus scenes, the first is Ayesha as a mild dominatrix. Dressed in her PVC outfit and long boots she gets Jay to worship her feet before spanking his arse with a paddle. As a special treat he can watch as she wanks, Jay tugs away at his todger but cannot touch. Ayesha eventually lets him spunk over her toes.

The second shorter bonus features Trinity in a solo session. Lifting her white blouse, she flashes her almost non-existent tits, then slipping down her jeans, she eases a large steel vibrator deep into her pussy. In such a small girl, where does it go? She pulls it out and repeats the disappearing act this time up her arse!!!

Jay's to-camera introductions may be a little stilted and long winded, as are some of his interviews with the girls, but when it comes to the action he has a natural rapport which you don't often get in films. As for the girls ... hot and horny and for those newcomers all worth a second outing on film. This is a far better film than Real Punting 1. If you were put off by that, watch this... you'll be pleasantly surprised at what Jay and a professional team can do.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle.

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