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Released: 2006
Director: Lee Faichney
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod
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Running time: 106 mins.

Originally produced for Spice TV, Retro Sexual is now released in full on an R18 DVD. The five scenes are very 40's influenced - guys appear in the uniforms of all three services and the girls wear their best seamed nylons.

Touch Down
Danny taxies to the end of the runway following his mission. He is met by Suzie Best, in her Woman's Royal Airforce Uniform, to be taken for debriefing. As they head off in the car, she flashes her stocking tops and white knickers. Back at base Suzie notices a mark on her skirt. Danny offers to wipe it off and his hands are soon fondling her bum. Slipping off her shoe, Suzie rubs her toes over Danny's trousers. He starts to kiss her stocking-clad legs, working his way up to her pussy. Lying back on the table, she unbuttons her tunic and blouse and pulls at her nipples as Danny laps at her moist pussy lips. Yanking off his flying suit, Suzie runs her tongue over the bulge in his shorts then pops his cock in her mouth. As she kneels on a low table, Danny works his dick into Suzie's pussy. The pair then lie side by side to shag spoons. Suzie's stockings start to wrinkle as she is fucked missionary. She then moves to ride Danny's dick. He cums over her face and she lets his jizz dribble out of her mouth.

In The Mess Hole
Military Police Woman Karla turns up for an inspection. Private Stefan Hard is still in his bed. Jumping up he quickly pulls on his uniform, but Karla isn't happy. His shirt is un-ironed and his pants un-pressed. Undoing her jacket she gets him to feel what his shirt should be like, but Stefan is more interested in feeling what's inside. Karla gets him to strip and, holding his cock with her black leather gloves, she starts to suck. Placing her leg on the bed, Stefan licks his way up her thighs to her black knickers. Karla forces his face into her fanny, his nose pressed hard against her clit as he tongues. Getting onto his bunk, Karla lifts out her tits to be played with as her pussy is fingered. Stefan enters her misionary. Stripped down to her black basque, stockings and cap, she rides Stefan reverse. Then, turning, Karla holds the rattling bed head as she is fucked doggy. The two fall on their sides and after a few quick strokes Stefan fires. Most hits his blanket. Karla passes him.

Into Civies
Natalie Heck, dressed in her black uniform and grey seamed stockings, climbs the stairs to her first floor office. Moments later Belle follows, in her Army uniform. Natalie has a special mission for Belle, but it means she needs to go undercover. Stripping her out of her uniform, Natalie inspects her legs and runs her fingers over her pussy. As it may be dangerous Belle has a request - can she suck on Natalie's tits. She unbuttons her blouse and lifts them out. The licking makes Belle feel horny. She eases her boobs out to be nibbled. This makes her panties wet and Natalie investigates with her tongue. Dropping her skirt, Natalie laps and fingers Belle's fanny. She moves to a chair where, with her legs open wide, Belle returns the favour. Falling to the floor the girls 69 an a small cream rug, then finger fuck each other to climax.

An Officer and a Gentleman
Able Seaman Tait has turned up at the sick bay with a groin strain, but is a bit embarrassed to tell nurse Tequila. She gets him onto the stretcher. She has seen it all before, but he does look a little swollen down there. Kneeling, she massages the area with her tongue, but all that happens is that the swelling gets bigger. Tequila knows just the thing to make Ian better and, easing out his cock with her rubber gloves, she gives him a blow job. Ian removes her hat and strokes her long blonde hair as she sucks. His hand them moves down to her bum - he now feels fine. Placing Tequila on a chair, Ian buries his head between her legs and laps at her black knickers. He slips two fingers into her love hole and they come out dripping. The pair move to a camouflage net where, face down, Tequila is fucked from behind. Ian semi stands to change his angle of attack. Getting Ian on his back, Tequila unzips her dress as she slides down his shaft. Ian's hands gravitate to her tits. The session ends with some missionary work, Ian firing his load over Tequila's face.

Soldiers Return
Avalon, in a cropped black top and jeans, finds a box in her bedroom. It's full of vintage clothes. She strips and decides to try them on. Taking great care she pulls up her nylons and puts on the black dress and jacket. In the mirror a man appears, but when she turns he's gone. Avalon heads downstairs to investigate. Sitting on the sofa she dozes off. Demetri appears in his army khakis and caresses her stocking-clad legs. As the two kiss, he fingers her pussy. Avalon stands and lets Demetri remove her jacket and blouse. He sucks and bites at her nipples, making them erect. She kneels on the sofa and he rubs and kisses between her legs. Avalon turns, pushing Demetri onto the chair. Her head bobs up and down on his shaft. Her legs astride him, she rides his cock, playing with her clit as she bounces. Down on her hands and knees the shagging continues, Avalon stopping halfway through to taste herself. The scene ends with Avalon on her back and Demetri pounding away at her pussy. He then pulls out and fires so hard it hits Avalon's forehead.

This film shows you don't need to spend a fortune on sets and glamorous locations. With a little care, a good production team and great guys and girls, a bunk in a tin hut is all that is needed if the performance is right. If you are a fan of uniforms or you just want to see your favourite stars in sexy 40's stockings, Retro Sexual is a fine film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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